Alternative ending for Aot

Aot Alternate Endeing, like many other manga comics, is a Japanese Manga series. This is the most watched anime series. This series is written by Hajime Isayama, with the added bonus that he also illustrated it. This book is a mix of genres, including Apocalypse, Apocalyptic fiction and Action fiction.

Reiner Braun, Mikasa, Armin, Arlert, and Eren Yeager are some of the main characters in this manga Japanese series. His story revolves around Yeager. This series was filmed at MAPPA and the storyline was adapted from the Aot Alternate Ending volumes.

This series is a great series because of its storyline. The story of this Anime basically tells us that there is a civilization, which is unnamed in most of the series. However, it is famous because this is where the last human beings lived, and this story was actually set around a hundred years ago. This story is made even more interesting by the fact that three walls surround this civilization. No one can cross them.

The last human inhabitants of the area face another problem: paranoid giants are some large creatures. It is interesting to note that the Titans are the name of this group of giants. The series’ name is kept very carefully because it tells the story of how the most powerful people in the world were able fight these giants and save their civilization.

Alternative ending for Aot

Alternative ending for Aot

The giants shown in this series are more dangerous because they were shown with such a motive to kill all humans and exterminate them. However, some of the main characters in this series took the responsibility for killing the giants, including Eren Yeager, Mikasa, and Ackerman.

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We will be discussing how an alternative ending could have been possible in this article. We now know that Eren Yeager’s tragic death was the true ending to this series. His character had the potential of becoming the favourite of most of those who watched it.

The alternative ending to this series could have been that Yeager wouldn’t have died. His character was largely misunderstood and, if Yeager hadn’t died, this would have attracted a large audience to the next season.


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