Kubet - The secret to choosing the football bet that help you to win

Kubet and football betting are not unfamiliar names to you. Football betting is a familiar form of betting, especially popular in big football tournaments. On the other hand, kubet is the address that provides the best quality football betting today. 

These two factors create entertaining betting moments and bring huge bonuses. So what is the secret to choosing football betting? How to get money from the house? What to pay attention to when playing football betting? Is the house you choose safe or not? All will be answered by the admin in the online sports section below.

What is Kubet? Why should you play football betting here?

Kubet is the address that provides all forms of online betting. Just become a member of the house, you will experience all the betting games here. Specifically, the products you can participate in our football betting, sports betting, lottery, casino, 3d games, exploding jars, shooting fish, …

Currently, the house kubet has the largest number of players as well as the leading reputation in the betting market. This reputation is reflected in the long operating time. Along with the positive feedback from thousands of players across the country.

With an international scale, but pure Vietnamese interface, ensuring the most familiar and understandable experience for members. The special thing is the safety and security of members’ accounts. When participating at Ku casino, you will be completely assured of your account. Up to now, there have not been any cases reflecting on the information security of the house kubet.

What’s special about kubet football betting?

 There are many bookmakers that offer football betting on the market today. However, not all bookmakers are really safe, transparent, and reputable. There are many people who have encountered scam sites or do not pay players’ winnings. Therefore, you need to choose a reputable and reputable bookmaker in the market.

If you are looking for a football betting place with all the best elements. You don’t have to go far, kubet is the most suitable choice. Not only football betting but also all other forms of betting. Here are the advantages that kubet football betting brings.

• Offered by the leading bookmaker in the betting market.

• Huge amount of players. It is possible to socialize in the sports hall.

• Simply register as well as become a member of the house.

• Provide applications, and support download kubet app for all mobile devices.

• Simple and safe when depositing and withdrawing money into your account. You can withdraw money to your bank account at any time.

• Provide deposit and withdrawal with all banks operating in Vietnam.

• Diverse betting products for all sports with tournaments.

• Provide a lot of special ball bets that other bookmakers do not have. All tournaments from big to small are offered bets.

• Many payout percentages and bets players can freely choose.

• High payout ratio, ensuring the highest profit for members.

• Support live sports viewing channels right at the sports betting lobby. You just need to be a member of the house, you can freely watch all sports matches for free.

• Winnings are settled immediately after the match ends.

• Continually offer promotions including high-value gifts, annual promotions, new membership promotions, and promotions for each major sports season.

With all the superior services above. Surely, it has helped football betting players somewhat imagine the prestige and quality of the house kubet. Quickly create an account, and become a kubet member to experience our casino hall ku casino with the lots of betting game and attractive promotions.

Currently, kubet is offering 128k promotion for new account registration. At the same time, it is 50% of the member’s deposit value.

The football bet at kubet

Right at the beginning of the article, the admin mentioned the ways to choose the best to destroy the house. The reason it is necessary to choose the right bet is that a large bookmaker will offer many different bets. You need to choose a reasonable bet as well as suitable for yourself to place the most effective bet. Before learning about tips on choosing bets as well as how to play football betting effectively. Admin will provide details about the ball bets at kubet.

Handicap goals

 Handicap is the most popular bet in football betting. Because in a football season. There are matches where you have judged the strong team and the weak team. Therefore, predicting the winner or loser is known in advance. With matches that are too disparate in strength. Bets to predict a win or lose may not be offered. Instead, the goal handicap was born. This bet will show the difference between the strong team and the weaker team.

Assume team A is the handicap team and team B is the handicap team. Before the ball rolls, the bookie will offer odds showing the difference in goals between the two teams. That is, how many goals will team A accept against team B.

For example, the house rate offered is 0.5/1 (A accepts B 0.75) If team A scores 1 goal, team A takes half of the winnings, and team B loses half of the bet.

If team A scores 2 or more goals, team A takes all the winnings, and team B loses all the bets.

If team A doesn’t score any goals, team A loses all the bets, team B takes all the winnings.

Other odds have similar bets. The higher the handicap, the higher the payout ratio.

Bet on goals and losers

 Over and under is the second most popular bet after the handicap. Here the player will predict the total number of possible goals in the match. Before the ball rolls, the bookie will give 1 score showing the total number of goals that can be obtained. The player will then predict whether the total number of goals will be greater or less than the house’s odds. If you bet bigger, then you bet Over. If you bet less then you bet Under.

Let’s say the dealer offers 2.5/3

With a total of 4 or more goals, the Big will get enough winnings and Under loses the full bet.

With a total of 3 goals, Over will get half of his winnings, and Under will lose half of his bet.

With a total of less than 3, the Big will lose the full bet and the Under will eat the winnings.

European Handicap (Stretches predict a win or lose)

This is understood as a bet to predict the win or loss between two teams. This bet is the simplest and easiest to understand compared to other bets. You just need to simply predict which team you think will win. However, with clear wins and losses, the payout ratio will not be as high as in other thrilling matches.

In general, this is a suitable bet for beginners. Want to try and experience football betting.

Corner bets

This bet represents the total number of corners taken in the match. Before the ball rolls, the bookie will give a score showing the total number of corners that can appear. The player will then predict whether the total number of corners will be greater or less than the house’s odds. Similar to over and under goal.

 Yellow card bets

This bet is similar to over-goal and under-corner. Players will place bets and predict whether the total number of yellow cards is greater or less than the house’s odds. If the bet is larger, it will count as Over and if the bet is smaller, it will be counted as Under.

In addition to the bets with this attractive payout ratio. You can also participate in special bets such as substitution, corner, red card, …

Above are the details of the football bets kubet provides. After getting the information about the bets. Let’s find out, should choose which bets are right for you. At the same time, find out the most effective way to play football betting.

The secret to playing football betting that help you always win

Football betting is a game of chance, red and black. Especially with football, we will not be able to predict anything. However, if you know how to choose the odds, choose the odds, as well as have a specific playing strategy. You will probably bring in big profits. Along with that is to ensure that the bet is always at a safe level. Here are the tips you need to grasp.

How to choose the right bet

Choosing a bet in football betting is very important. It can greatly affect your outcome. In a bet the house offers, there are many odds that follow it. Suppose with the handicap, there are many handicaps offered. But the handicap team will definitely have a higher strength than the handicap team based on fitness, performance, … however, how much the difference in goals will be, you can’t predict. But in the odds, the higher the handicap, the higher the payout ratio. At first, this ratio will make you want to bet on it. However, this method is not feasible and very dangerous for your bets. You should only choose handicaps with a moderate rate, not too high. Likewise with over and under goals as well as other bets,…

Find out the match information carefully

Before placing a bet, you need to thoroughly understand the information about this match. The nature of the tournament, the performance of the team, the lineup, the injuries of the players, …

Why is it so important to learn match information?

Assuming that with decisive matches, the competition rate will be extremely high. Thus, the ability to explode many goals will be higher, and yellow cards and corners will also be higher than in normal matches.

Likewise, if it’s a friendly match, there won’t be too much happening in the match.

How to fold in football betting

 Folding is a way to play that all bettors need to master. To fold successfully and efficiently. You need to choose your betting goal. Football betting kubet is different from other betting games. Rushing will be more difficult with other games. Specifically, to effectively fold, you should bet on vibrating bets, handicaps, or over and under. Because these are the odds that will change the rate when the match progresses.

Assuming the handicap, when 1 of 2 teams scores, the odds will change. At this point, you can continue to bet, and don’t forget to use the folding strategy rape. However, do not rush with too much money. You should set a specific bet level for each game. As well as the highest capital you can prepare.

How to win kubet with parlay bets

 Parlay bets are quite popular in football betting. Here you will bet on 2 or more matches at the same time. If all the bets are correct, you will win the parlay bet.

For parlay bets to be effective, you should choose the best with the lowest payout percentage in the match. Suppose match A chooses the lowest bet, match B chooses the lowest bet, and match C chooses the lowest bet. When you win, you will get 3 parlay bet with high parity. This is a method used by many people.

However, do not be too subjective, do not bet too much. Only bet on 2 – 4 pars only. Make sure your bets are safe.


Kubet and related information in football betting have been shared by the admin in detail. Hopefully, these contents have helped you visualize the advantages that Kubte88 offers. Also information about the ball markets that you can bet on. Hopefully, the above football betting tips can help you bet effectively and make big bets. Kubet appreciates!!!


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