Lapsus$ disclosed 70GB data of Globalt

The recently rampant hacker organization Lapsus$ has made new moves, just days after British police arrested seven suspects. Following attacks on Microsoft, Samsung, NVIDIA, and OKTA, the organization announced the successful capture of globalant, a Luxembourg-based software development consulting firm.

On Wednesday, the organization announced its “return from vacation” by releasing a 70g seed file on its telegraph channel, which included data allegedly stolen from the company, which hackers claimed included the source code of its corporate customers.

Globalt told Techcrunch that it had “detected unauthorized access to a limited portion of our company’s code base” and was looking into it.

Hackers also published a list of company credentials used to gain access to their source code sharing platform, which included GitHub, JIRA, Crucible, and Confluence. VX Underground, a malware research group, posted an edited screenshot of the hacker’s Telegraph post on Twitter, indicating that the group released the passwords they claim to be globalt. If confirmed, the attackers will have no trouble guessing these passwords.

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