Running a business necessitates a large number of support activities to guarantee that the organization’s core operations run smoothly and at their maximum efficiency. Data management for employees and visitors, asset management and maintenance, cost management, and other similar activities fall within the purview of these support operations. Many businesses find it difficult to keep their attention on these support activities, which are critical to the overall success of the company. We’ve compiled a list of tools that can help you streamline your support operations and increase productivity.

A list of the best productivity-enhancing apps for those who work in support.

All of your company’s dispersed support functions may be brought together in one single location or system, allowing everyone to work more efficiently.

Employee Information App

Human resources are essential to the smooth operation of any company. After all, a company’s most valuable asset is its workforce. According to their department, job description, and responsibilities, they are deployed to different work positions. The HR manager or management must have complete information on all employees for a variety of reasons. Even in times of dire need, it might be difficult to locate their emergency contact information. It is necessary to keep track of each employee’s personal information as well as their demographics, as well as their emergency contact information.

Visitor Management App 

A useful approach for keeping track of the people that come to your place of business. Using it, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, create an accurate visit record, and save countless hours of administrative labor. Using biometric data and a digital badge instead of paper or plastic ID cards and the related printers, Visitor Track also reduces administrative costs. Fast and safe entry to the building is ensured by supporting many forms of biometric authentication such fingerprint, vein-based fingerprint, face, and iris recognition.


Simple CMMS is an application designed to make it easier for businesses to maintain their assets and equipment. With this cloud-based application, a completely responsive mobile app can conduct and update all of the necessary operations. With this computerized maintenance management system, the company’s assets and equipment are properly maintained, inventory is managed and work orders are routed, and strong reporting is made possible. Using the tool, workers can perform more effectively and managers can keep an eye on their assets and maintenance plans.

Tracking of Assets

A company’s assets are undoubtedly a part of the long-term investment that was made to help the company. It is permitted for an employee to use and care for an asset since the company relies on its workers to function. The asset tracker monitors the state of the company’s assets in order to enhance employee accountability. In spite of the fact that accountability does not directly affect production, each employee is treated in a better manner and the assets endure longer than it was previously anticipated.

An app to keep track of your spending

To stay in business, companies must keep their everyday operating costs under control. A central accounting framework is used by all businesses to keep track of financial activities. These frameworks tend to overlook the day-to-day expenditures. Accounting software such as Expense Tracker can retain detailed records of daily administrative expenditures, allowing users to identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for cost savings.

Fleet Management App

Cars, pull cars, staff buses, delivery vans, and trucks are just some of the vehicles an organization may utilize to run its business and satisfy its daily demands. Many challenges arise when managing a fleet like this, including driver assignments, registration paperwork, insurance updates, fuel bills and consumptions, maintenance, and so on. In order to make vehicle administration simple, Fleet Manager makes use of cutting-edge technology like biometrics, machine learning, and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Office Management App

It is possible to automate several aspects of company assistance with the help of O-Suite, which is an all-in-one solution for office automation. In this suite of applications, you’ll find most of the support process automation software that businesses often require. There might be significant subscription fees if the organization employs many applications to manage various support activities such as personnel databases, spending management and contract details, and problem handlers. Osuite allows users to exchange data and save thousands of dollars a year by consolidating all their apps into one single suite.

A Wellness App for the Workplace

It’s possible that a healthy employee will be productive, which means that they’ll be able to fulfill the productivity target. The opposite is true, though, when it comes to a sick employee. When it comes to product creation, there is a wide range of possibilities. Taking care of the health and well-being of your employees may save you $300 billion a year in the United States. Burnout is a common occurrence in the job, and a fatigued individual may not be able to perform at his or her best for the company. Employees may use the corporate wellness app to decrease stress and re-energise themselves at work. When employees believe that their company is doing something for their well-being, they become thankful and perform at their highest levels.

These top 6 productivity-boosting apps for business support operation are suitable for any small or medium enterprise. The smarter thinking and far-sighted vision must embrace the digital transformation of the business process using these apps. All of these apps are mobile friendly and facilitates the users to continue business tasks on the go.


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