This article will cover the latest update on Aruba Boating Incident March 2022. For more information, please read the article.

Did you hear about the recent Aruba boat accident? Many people were killed in this terrible accident. The latest update is that a teenager was found dead by the police on Tuesday. Many felt horrible after the accident.

The accident still affects people in Canada and Aruba today. Many boaters lost their lives in the accident. We will be briefly discussing the Aruba Boating Accident of March 2022.

What is the Latest Update?

Last Tuesday, a body of a teenager was discovered by the local authority. The body was reported missing in January. According to the administration, the girl from Virginia had been missing for three months prior to the accident.

After three months of rescue operations, the police finally found the body at Chincoteague Bay. The rescue team reached the area on Tuesday with the help of local police. The rescue team searched numerous places in an attempt to locate the body. Police already kept a missing diary following the accident.

Aruba Accident 13 Year Old

Recent body searches have revealed a lot of new information. The Head of the Police Force, the local police authority, made a statement stating that a body belonging to a 13-year-old girl was also found in the region. The 13-year-old girl is a citizen in the United States.

The doctors performed a body rescue operation and examined the body of the teen girl. The body checkup took place at 5.29 p.m. (local time). According to the local authority, the funeral service will be arranged with the assistance of funeral workers.

Aruba Boating Accident March 2022

Many people in the city were shocked by the incident. The accident boat measured 16 feet in length. The incident resulted in the deaths of four teenage boys. Two of the crew members were rescued by the search team. The search team searched for other survivors but could not find any.

After the rescue from the water, a 17-year-old boy and a 19 year old were both taken to the hospital. Another 18-year old body was also discovered by the coast guard from Bentonville. The incident was also investigated by the Marine Police of Virginia. Finally, the rescue team located the body of the 13-year-old victim in Aruba.

Why does the news circulate?

It had profound consequences. Many media outlets covered the accident news and published it.

The report was also published on social media and circulated. The missing body was also found by the local authority on Tuesday. The news spreads quickly because of this.


Police have yet to identify the body. The body was already identified by the medical team. There is no update. The boat accident occurred in January.

Aruba Boating Incident March 2022 Updated on Tuesday. The missing body was discovered by police and a new investigation began. You can check the link to see the additional information. Let us know your thoughts on the latest update. Please share your opinion.


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