LMS Training
LMS Training: The key to successful training

It is vitally important for large organizations to offer comprehensive LMS training opportunities. Mainly for two reasons:

#1: Training ensures standards within the organization that continue to rise.

#2: Training makes employees feel valued.

Of course, in order for these two outcomes to be effectively met, the training offer has to be of a good enough quality. It is really easy for large companies and organizations to offer training opportunities to their human team , but ensuring that the training is successful can be more difficult.

Some of the training factors that achieve success in organizations are:

  • The range of courses available.
  • Manage enrollment.
  • Follow-up of commitment to the courses.
  • General administration for experts and trainers.
  • Lack of flexible e-learning and m-learning opportunities.
  • Remove deficit training courses.
  • Schedule Management.
  • Track the qualifications and skills acquired.
  • Communicate available opportunities.
  • The time employees are out of the office.

Many of these problems can be solved by investing in a range of online training and interactive learning courses . However, this type of digital learning does not solve the larger problem of course management .

Learning Management: The key to successful training

More and more organizations are realizing that a visual e-learning learning management system is the key to being able to effectively offer a wide range of training opportunities to their employees . A learning management system (also known as an LMS or LCMS ) allows administrative staff to manage all  available online learning courses from a central web portal .

Your benefits can be huge. A management system like this makes it much easier to provide smart effective learning opportunities .

It’s great for administrators as it allows all course content to be stored and updated in the same place. All registrations , subscriptions and course communications can be managed from a central hub where there are no additional websites or logins.

It is very effective for students because it is easy to see what courses are available and all content can be accessed from within a familiar virtual classroom .

Do you want to know in more detail all that an LMS platform can offer you? Here you can find more information.

Trends: What is a learning management system or LMS and how to apply it to your company?

From the virtual education environment comes the learning management system , whose main objective is to improve the distance teaching-learning experience .

In companies, this relationship occurs when the employer becomes an educator and the employee becomes a student. This tool is perfect for improving job training processes.

What is a learning management system or LMS

A learning management system (LMS Training) consists of software installed on a web server that is used in institutions or organizations with the following purposes :

  1. Manage.
  2. Create courses.
  3. To distribute.
  4. Control the activities of online or non-face-to-face education.

The eLeaP LMS training platform is designed and developed to convert a face-to-face educational environment into a virtual learning environment , so that virtual teaching takes place that transforms the teaching and learning processes. In the case ─that concerns us─ within a company.

An LMS is software designed to facilitate administrative functions, analysis, reporting, data collection, and the way education is delivered .

What benefits would implementing an LMS bring to my company?

Every modern electronic tool applied in the business field does not subtract, on the contrary, it adds.

Although learning management systems were originally intended to drive e-learning, today an LMS is used by major companies due to the many benefits it brings.

The main benefit is that it improves the LMS training of your employees, making the incorporation and formation of work teams effective and efficient.

What is a learning management system for?

A learning management system makes the experience of the employee that would become your student much easier . Especially that newcomer who knows nothing about your company’s processes, products or services.

Note that software technology buyer-provider broker Capterra , Inc., predicted that the LMS market would reach $15.72 billion by 2021. This infers that more and more companies are using this program for solutions of learning .

Other reasons to use an LMS, (according to the site trustsourcing.com) are the following:

  • All-in-one tool for training.
  • It is ideal for all types of training.
  • You can see the progress of each employee, track time , control results and evaluate statistics.
  • An LMS system can work in all departments of a company, 24 hours a day.
  • You significantly save pesos and resources needed to train new employees.

How do I save resources by implementing a learning management system?

There are several ways in which an LMS saves money because:

  1. Reduce training time. It provides students with the information they need in a direct and organized way. Thus, student-employees do not have to waste time reading long documents or taking live courses. They simply click on the necessary module and Let’s learn!

The learning management system is a kind of digital mentor who is always around and ready to help.

  • It is profitable. While it is necessary to spend thousands of dollars to have 3-4 training courses with real trainers, it can cost 2 times less money to develop a learning management system and take your team through any course whenever you want.
  • Zero paper . Using an LMS also reduces costs in reams of paper because you don’t have to print hundreds of manuals or other study material.
  • Zero spaces. You also do not need to rent a place for the training.


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