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Metal prints and acrylic prints are fantastic, so we are unsure which to choose. Both make images bright and amazing. We want to pick the best for ourselves, right? We do have many questions like- which will fit in our home décor? What is the most attractive? So, the answer is simple. 

Get acrylic glass photo prints if you want a modern aesthetically-designed home. It is expensive but worth it. Metal prints are less expensive and apt for paper prints or large prints.

First, the Parallels:

However, metal and acrylic prints have many dissimilarities that set them apart but there are a few resemblances too that are worth mentioning:

Both are:

  • The images are produced on a large scale using premium quality materials that provide sharp, crisp, and detailed images.
  • The inks used are fade resistant and will stay up to 100 years.
  • These are handcrafted pieces customized as per customer needs.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain. Just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Metal Prints Vs. Acrylic Prints:

Let’s now look at the differences between the two prints, as well as some of the factors you should consider before printing your photographs. There are there many grounds that decide which print we be the best for you. Let us know them.

Where are you displaying the prints?

It is an important factor that decides which print will work best for you. 


UV stable inks are used in metal prints and acrylic prints making them vibrant and long-lasting. The best option for displaying images outdoors is metal prints. However, acrylic prints are also great for the outside environment as they are durable and can withstand harsh weather including sunlight and rainfall.

Bathroom or Kitchen:

Metal and acrylic prints can be displayed in high humidity areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. But if the room is humid often, it may affect the hanging system of the printed images. So, always pick high-quality kits.

Bright Light Rooms:

Acrylic photos shine bright and stand out in illuminated lights. It looks polished and has crystal clear edges when light falls on the image. The smooth, high-gloss surface of acrylic prints makes the room extraordinary. Without a second thought choose acrylic photo prints when displaying a photo in a room with a bright light overhead.

What look do you prefer?


If you want to stun your guest with a serious wow factor, Acrylic prints are your thing. The colors are sharp, vivid, and detailed. It makes pictures look incredible. It is the most premium photo art that gives a 3D effect to your image. They are simply amazing. Once you get them home, you will love to showcase your space to everyone.

Contemporary and Industrial:

If you’re decorating an industrial space metal prints are a great choice. Acrylic prints, on the other hand, are contemporary arts that elevate corporate office. You might have noticed corporates, hospitals, or offices these days are designed in a vogue that energizes the person stepping in. It provides positive vibes.

Artistic And Unique:

Acrylic prints are unique and print photos directly on the sheet. It provides a creative look and feels to your room. Also, the color accuracy is better than in metal prints.

Metal vs. Acrylic Side Profiles: 

Metal prints and acrylic prints have different thicknesses. Acrylic prints are 6mm thick, while metal prints are 3mm thick. Neither makes much of a difference and both hang well.

What about the price and size?

Both photo prints fit in your space perfectly. Acrylics are a bit costlier than metal prints due to certain processes and factors involved. But it is classic and artistic at the same time. You get what you spend.

Are they available in smaller sizes?

You can purchase metal minis and acrylic blocks made from premium cast acrylic that is 1 mm thick. It is clear and you can use them as a paperweight or tiny art segment.

You can’t go wrong, trust me!

There are differences between metal and acrylic prints. However, both are made from quality materials and you will not regret getting your hands on them. Your artistic photography becomes alive if you pick acrylic photo prints. You will not resist this wall art. 

FeaturesAcrylic PrintsMetal Prints
Glare 5/52/5
Color Vibrancy5/54/5
Texture/ Details 4/53/5
PriceBit expensiveLess expensive
Best to be Used InPortraits: weddings, landscapes, pro-prints and all-roundLarge prints: colorful, landscapes, pro-prints
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