The upcoming mixed-use project Ocean Golden I is located in Noida Extension, a rapidly growing residential area. It is currently in mid-development stage with more than 1988 units. It is surrounded by NH-4, a major thoroughfare in the city. The Noida Extension is also home to several mega commercial projects, which creates an oversupply of properties and tough competition for investors. The project is subject to completion on a specified timeline.

The development is located 500 meters from Gaur Chowk, which provides an excellent connection for businessmen. The project is located on the main road, which provides ample space for retail and office spaces. The development also features double-height retail shops, a shopping arcade, and a food and beverage destination. The location is ideal for people who want to be close to the NH24 Expressway, while being conveniently accessible to other parts of the city.

Developed by the Ocean Group, the Ocean Golden I features office space that rivals the best of the city. The luxury building boasts four floors and is situated on a wide, 135-meter road. It is a premier residential and commercial destination and is surrounded by a variety of amenities. The building also offers a wealth of F&B options and world-class retail shops. In addition, the development’s strategic location near NH24 is convenient for commuters.

Ocean Golden is located on the main road, within 500 meters of Gaur Chowk. It has double-height retail and office spaces. In addition to a high-quality office space, it also provides high-quality retail spaces. Anchor stores and commercial retail shops will be located throughout the development. The project promises a rich environment for its tenants. It is also Vastu-compliant. So, you can feel at home here and not worry about the future of your business.

The Ocean Golden I is a multi-use development with four floors and is strategically located on a 135-meter wide road in Tech Zone 4 Greater Noida West. It offers world-class office and retail space and is a short distance from NH24. A large, multi-level lobby with an ATM is a key feature of the development. The project also offers an outdoor dining area, ATM, and numerous F&B options.

Located just 500 meters from Gaur Chowk, Ocean golden-I provides a double-height shopping space. It is a perfect example of a mixed-use development, as it is a great location for shopping. In the future, the development will be the centralised retail and business district of Noida. With this, the development will serve over ten million people. It is also expected to be a landmark in the area, as the area will provide a rich lifestyle and a great place to work and live.

The project’s location is ideal for businesses. It is just 500 meters away from Gaur Chowk. Most Commercial Projects in Noida Extension open on a service road. The project provides double-height shop space that is suitable for various business types. Moreover, it provides a great environment for its residents. And with its prime location, it is a great choice for entrepreneurs and homebuyers alike. The new development will also benefit residents in the area.

Designed for people who are not afraid of high-rises, the Golden I is an ultra-modern and aesthetically pleasing building in the heart of the Noida Extension. It is the only commercial property investment project in the area with a major service road. At the same time, it has a major retail component. The concept of SHOP, WORK, and LIVE/ENTERTAINMENT has its own unique appeal.

The Ocean Golden I is a multi-discipline business hub that is located near the proposed metro station and is surrounded by a thousand acres of residential developments. The project contains a variety of commercial and retail spaces, including anchor stores and showrooms. Located on a prime piece of land in the city, it is a grand and beautiful project. The amenities are a plus. Its proximity to Gaur Chowk and the Metro makes it an ideal location for businesses.

Unlike other projects in Noida, Ocean Golden-i is located on a secluded peninsula, making it easy to access. Its location is central and offers excellent access to the rest of the city. It is within walking distance of several important schools, institutions, and businesses. It is connected by metro rail with Noida Extension. The amenities of the development include a swimming pool, gym, and several other amenities.


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