Scam text messages from numbers such as 949-441-55666, 972-737-9116 or 409-515-876 can be sent. Tinyurl Links:

  • “PayPal: You have sent a $9.99 USD payment to Zola Nadut. This payment can be canceled at within 30 minutes.
  • “You have made a payment of $9.99 USD to Zola Ndut. This payment can be disputed within 30 minutes by visiting

These scam texts may appear in many forms. You can report similar scams to us in the comments section. You can also comment below, even if you don’t want to share your email address.

Is there a motive for these fraudulent texts?

These fraudulent messages are not sent by legitimate companies. They are scammers trying to steal your personal information. They might ask you to click a link and provide your personal information on a fake website. Or they may call you or reply to you. You should not follow these messages, click any links or download anything. These messages could also contain spyware, viruses, or malware that can hack into your computer.

If you are unsure about whether the messages you have received are genuine or not, you should contact or visit the official website for the company.

These cybercriminals can get your personal data and make money selling it. They can even steal your credit card information.

These messages might not be sent in the same format or under the same company name. Scammers can use multiple numbers, emails and the names of companies to send different types of scam messages. Here are some other examples of scam messages:

Scam Text Message From A Girl With A Picture

Spam Emails from

Scam Text Messages with Itemisinwaiting Link

Scam Messages Pretend To Be The UK Post Office With Links to Local-Depots-GB

Please help us report similar messages using the comment section below.

These fraudulent messages are now obvious. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below. We are here to raise awareness about scams. Let’s get together and do it! Let’s stop scammers from ripping off innocent people.

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