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One Of The Stronger Poker Hand Rankings- The Royal Flush

Poker online is a game that has gained a lot of attention over the years, especially among the new players who have taken a leap of faith and entered the community. The game has seen a lot of variations in its time, from royalty back in the old days to the new generation of poker players online, the game has been through its ups and downs to be where it is today. Although the different variations of the game have different playstyles and strategies, the main objective of all the card online play is simple, have the best 5 card combination possible to beat the fellow players on the table.

Different games like the bluff card game, free UNO game online, spider solitaire game, 3 Patti sequence list, free game online solitaire, and the 2 3 5 card game all have their own strategies and playstyles that players can use to win the game but for poker online, there are typically 9 kinds of hands that a poker player online can hold. Although the cards can have over 2.5 million combinations of card hands, the strongest pair of poker hands chart play an important role in the winning of the game. In this article, we shall talk more about the different card rankings in poker online, and also discuss specifically- flush poker, which is one of the most well know and one of the stronger hands of the game. The topics covered in this article are:

  • Poker Hands Chart Play
  • Flush Poker
  • Conclusion

1. Poker Hands Chart Play

Just like there are different strategies for winning each game, poker is also a game that has different strategies in the form of poker hands chart play that will help poker players online use as a reference and improve their gameplay over time. The rankings have been classified as best to worst:

A. Straight Flush

A hand that is the rarest in the game, the Straight flush is the best card online play ranking in poker online. Many professionals have gone years without having ever seen this hand appear on poker sites in India. The percentage of this hand appearing in games is as low as 0.2%.

B. Four of a Kind

Yet again one of the rare cards out there, the four of a kind is a card combination where four cards are similar with one card being the one odd man out. The percentage of a four-of-a-kind card hand appearing in games is about 0.026%, making it one of the rarest poker online hands out there. 

C. Full House

A full house occurs when a three of a kind and a pair are involved in the same card ranking. The hand is one of the stronger hands in the cards online play but is weak as compared to the four-of-a-kind and straight flush. The hand makes an appearance at the rate of about once in 694 hands, making it one of the rare sets of card rankings. 

D. Flush

Here we have the star of the show. The poker flush, similar to a straight is a poker online hand where all 5 cards are involved, and are of the same suit but do not create a straight. The odds of drawing a royal flush are at a respectable 1 in 509 hands. 

E. Straight

All five cards are being used in the initial hand combination on online poker sites. All five cards in a straight must be different and consecutive in ranking, with the exception that the said cards cannot all be from the very same suit.

F. Three of a Kind

Coming up on the lower end of the poker online card ranking spectrum, the three-of-a-kind card ranking is made up primarily of three cards with two additional unpaired cards. An important aspect that separates three of a kind from a full house is that both the remaining cards have to be unpaired.

G. Two Pair

Two pairs are the third card hand from the bottom in poker ranks that players can have in online poker rooms. What could be greater than an individual pair of shoes? The two pairs, of course. A player with a two-pair hand is always more dominant than a player with a one-pair hand in a showdown.

H. One Pair

One of the weaker hands in poker hands chart play on poker sites in India is the one pair. This is when a player holds two of the five cards that are in combination with the remaining cards being unpaired. An example of one pair could be a pair of four spades in cards, with the other 3 cards being unpaired.

I. High Card

The lowest card hand ranking in poker online, the High card ranking in poker is a hand where none of the cards are in a combination. This also includes cards that are not of the same suit or numerical order. 

2. Flush Poker

The royal flush as you saw in the previous topic, is one of the many card rankings that are present in poker online. Since the flush poker hand can end only with a ten, queen, king, jack, and ace all at the same time unlike some of the other flush variations, there are only 4 possibilities for any given cards suit of the flush poker cards in poker online. The hand is so specific, and requiring all the high 5 cards from suits is what makes this hand extremely rare in poker online, with a chance of appearing only at about 0.00015%. There are many movies that show the royal flush as an easy hand but say for example a player wants to land a royal flush on a poker site in India, they would have a one in a 365-400 chance of seeing the royal flush.


We hope that this article on the royal flush and the poker rankings was helpful to players in understanding more about the game and the specific hand in detail. The rankings can help a player up their game and have better overall gameplay, which is good for them in the long run. Although hard at first, developing an understanding of the hand rankings can get them to play more efficiently and improve their chances of winning pots.


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