Virtual numbers bring no need to change contact details because the selected combination is assigned to you and does not change under any circumstances (even if the company moves to another region or country). The useful features and benefits of a virtual number for calls are not limited to this. Let’s take a closer look at this service.

How does a virtual number work and how does it differ from a regular one?

It might seem that a virtual number does not differ from a regular one, so you can easily have a Pakistan virtual number that works via IP telephony and is attached to a specific SIP ID. Freezvon Company is ready to offer you such a service upon favorable terms. There are also lots of essential benefits that need attention.


  • Landline telephone number. You can buy a combination with the 51 code (Islamabad) or 21 (Karachi ), or a combination belonging to any region of Pakistan. Your office can be located anywhere not necessarily in the required region.
  • Foreign number. It’s easy to use any country number without having to connect to a local telecom provider. 
  • Number 8-800 is the same for all regions of the country. This feature will ensure that customers can call your company for free, regardless of where the office is physically located (it can even be located abroad).
  • Mobile. A virtual number can be a sequence of numbers (including a prefix) similar to those assigned to subscribers of mobile operators. Moreover, it is possible to select a prefix corresponding to a particular region.

Relatively low communication costs

The virtual number helps achieve significant savings and spend much less than in the case of traditional or mobile telephony. Savings depend on the specifics of the company, the number of calls, the regions to which calls will be made, the type of number, the region of its ownership, and some other factors. As for specific figures, after switching to virtual numbers, companies reduce communication costs by 30% (on average), but in some cases, savings reach up to 80%. It’s recommended to analyze the tariffs of telecom operators offering IP telephony services and roughly understand how much you can save when planning to connect a virtual number.

Multi-channel and the ability to use from any location

One virtual number can be assigned to an entire department or even to a call center. There is no need to gather specialists in one place. The possibilities of IP telephony allow you to deploy a PBX to serve geographically distributed subscribers (employees in the office, remote operators working on the road, etc.). They only need internet access. It is possible to set up call distribution rules and apply various scenarios (including depending on the time of day, day of the week, and so on).

A Pakistan virtual number can work not only in conjunction with an IP PBX. This means that it is suitable both for big and very small companies and even for private use. You do not have to specially deploy some kind of infrastructure in this case. Everything you need is to simply buy the combination you like from the provider.

Integration with CRM and other external systems

The ability to integrate virtual numbers with CRM systems and other software that you use for work is a weighty argument in favor of switching to IP telephony. Freezvon is a reliable provider that offers ready-made integration modules with popular solutions (everything is configured in a couple of clicks). You can also order improvements in order to look up workflow with some specific software with an IP PBX and a virtual number.

Extensive opportunities 

IP telephony providers offer a wide range of basic and additional functions to users.

  • Recording and storage of telephone conversations. Recordings can be used, for example, for training specialists, monitoring the work of managers and call-center specialists, as well as for other purposes. Moreover, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time listening: you can use the tools for analyzing and searching for information in records based on AI.
  • Collection of detailed statistics. It is possible to gather various information: the number of received/missed calls to a virtual number, the duration of calls, the effectiveness of calls, etc. This eliminates the need for separate specialized tools to collect the necessary information.
  • IVR menu. It can be used to manage calls (distribute calls between managers), collect feedback to form a user satisfaction index, etc.
  • Video conferencing. A virtual number is assigned to a SIP ID and many SIP telephony options become available to the subscribers, who can participate in video conferences and other events.

The price depends on the type of number. The setup fee for the mobile number is $10 and the monthly fee is $75. When we are talking about Islamabad and Karachi numbers then the connection may cost $35 and the monthly fee is $99. It’s easy to get additional information because Freezvon Company cares about its customers and is always ready to offer the best condition for efficient work.


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