With the World Cup coming to Qatar, for many of us, the Persian Gulf is on our radar like few times before. The region is changing all the time, and the World Cup has been a catalyst for such transformations. With so much to see, it is probably a good idea to plan for an extended stay. You can’t cram all of this into a weekend! Here are some tips and thoughts on having an extended stay in the Persian Gulf region. 

Social changes have made this more possible

So many things have changed in terms of travel in recent years. The causes of these transformations in society and mindset are many. One of the biggest transformations we have seen is in how we travel. 

During quarantines, we had to cut down on travel possibilities. Flying was impossible or difficult, and geographic restrictions limited where we could go. During this time road trips became more common, as you could travel more easily within your bubbles. This, in turn, made longer trips more of the norm as well. Because car travel takes longer, people would need to be out of town for longer in order to reach and enjoy their destinations. 

Combine this with the changes in work and life balance that we have witnessed, and you can see why extended travel is becoming more and more common. Between the people who were unable to work at first, and those that started working remotely, more and more people were available for extended travel. 

Because this is a relatively new phenomenon, here are some tips to doing it well.

Allow yourself to stay in now and then

Given the changes brought about by new technologies we can now work from abroad and have generally taken to traveling for a longer amount of time. This comes with a whole new imperative when we travel that allows us to take it at a more relaxed pace. Give yourself the option to stay in and enjoy yourself between big days. Many websites have geographic restrictions, so make sure to prepare some fun things to do while in.

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Having something to do while you stay in will really help you enjoy extended stays in the region. When we are traveling to new places, they can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming. Use your hotel room and all the fun you can have there as a refuge, so you can recharge your batteries and head out another day with more energy. 

Check out the big cities

The Persian Gulf is home to major cities. Given the strategic importance of the Gulf, it has been a center of human development throughout the length of history. Today, it continues to have large cities with advanced architecture and economies.

Dubai is a world city that actually has the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. With a population of over 3 million, it is the second city with the most five-star hotels in the world. Its architecture is world famous for its futuristic vibes, including modern interpretations of Islamic architecture. 

Other important cities in the region that you will be able to visit over your extended stay include: Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, and Al-Faw.

Make a list of great natural wonders

The Persian Gulf is a treasure of biological diversity. Due to its relative aquatic exclusion, being connected to open waters only via the Strait of Hormuz, many species have developed only in this region. 

The Gulf has both rocky and coral reefs that house 80% of the 700 species of fish that swim in the Persian Gulf. This is especially true where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers empty into the Gulf, laying on sediment. 

Visiting these rivers and going out into the water to see and appreciate the animals is a truly beautiful experience that is on offer throughout the Persian Gulf. Perhaps you can appreciate the wildlife from any number of the islands in the Persian Gulf, the largest of which is Qeshm island. 


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