Have you noticed a receding hairline as you look in the mirror each morning? Chances are good that both men and women will answer this question with a silent sigh of acceptance. Some hair loss is a natural part of aging. By age 30, about 25% of men and 12% of women will have lost hair. Experts estimate that people lose about 100 hairs per day.

Most who want hair restoration are at least partially aware of their hair loss and how it makes them feel about their looks. Caring about our looks drives a multi-billion dollar cosmetic surgery industry that has made significant advances in the last few decades.

Platelet-Rich Plasma and Healing

Crucial advances in cosmetic surgery help millions of people regrow hair without needing a hair transplant. One treatment showing significant success comes from our bodies and making Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF). Make sure to distinguish PRF from PRP, which has been completely separated in a centrifuge.

PRF contains fibrin, a remarkable substance in our blood that helps the healing process by forming a kind of mesh that cells can hang on to as blood clots. The key takeaway is that PRF contains no additives. While PRP has blood coagulants and fibrin that promotes localized healing, PRF has only fibrin, making it a good way for localized recovery.

What About Botox Treatments

Botox is a toxin administered by small injections directly where it’s needed. Botox damages the muscle areas because the toxin’s poison kills the tiny areas of muscle. As they heal, skin is pulled tight around the injection site while the muscles regenerate. When used with PRF, the combined injections give the area super healing strength.

For non-hair transplant results, PRF Hair Restoration Scottsdale boosts patients as they seek hair loss treatments. Because both are healing inhibitors, PRF can be used with Botox treatments and even administered one after the other. Hair loss treatment works best when caught early. PRF helps wake up dormant hair follicles so that as the Botox treatments heal, hair begins growing from the dormant hair follicles.

What to Expect During and After PRF and Botox Treatments

Scientific research shows the benefits of PRF treatment for hair loss and prevention. The process begins with a blood draw. Blood contains the body’s natural healing elements, like stem cells and platelets that contain fibrin. The blood draw is processed so that the PRF preparation has high levels of fibrin and white blood cells, the net that helps blood clot, and begins the healing process. PRF blood contains around ten times the normal healing white blood cells and fibrin than untreated blood.

This combination of PRF and Botox injections helps women with a receding hairline due to excessive styling. Pulling hair in one extreme direction for styling reduces hair growth and causes thinking. With treatment, hair thinning and shedding are concentrated in the first few weeks, with noticeable hair growth occurring after two or three months. Remember, the PRF must interrupt the hair follicle’s dormant phase and reboot hair growth from the inside out. If PRF is used with Botox, the toxin-damaged muscles need to heal before noticing results.