With winter just around the corner, preparing your Utah home for the snow season is essential. From dealing with low daily temperatures to frequent snowfall, you’ll want to ensure your home and furnace are in tip-top condition. The last thing you need is to deal with home and furnace repairs in the middle of winter. Let’s get started!

1.Seal your windows and doors

Maintaining proper home insulation and sealing against outside air is one of the most critical steps for prepping your home for the Utah winter. If your home feels drafty in entryways or especially cold near doors and windows, the lack of a proper seal is probably the cause.

Sealing your windows and doors properly is crucial because heat can easily travel outside your home. This makes it impossible to heat your entire home and significantly raises your energy bill.

2.Tune up your furnace

Just like getting your AC checked out before summer, you should inspect your furnace before winter. One of the worst things that can happen when winter starts is your furnace goes out, leaving you and your family in the cold.

Take precautionary steps ahead of time and make sure you don’t need any furnace repairs.

3.Get your roof inspected

The summer and spring seasons can be deadly on your roof, as heavy rain and storms can create problems in the winter. Take the initiative and get your roof winterized and checked out for underlying issues.

Inspect your roof before it gets too cold since repairing a roof can be hazardous due to low temperatures and ice.

4.Clean out the gutters

Cleaning the gutters may be one of the most unwanted tasks to get your home winter-ready. Still, doing so is critical for avoiding unnecessary clogs. While you’re up there, check for leaks and structural damage and watch how water runs off.

5.Trim back tree branches

Winter is the best time to cut back tree branches. With deciduous tree leaves gone, inspecting the tree’s structure is more manageable. Winter is an ideal time for pruning as most disease-causing organisms and insects won’t be active.

Enjoy the Winter Season

Consider taking these steps ahead of time and budgeting accordingly. Protecting your home before winter will ensure a safe and warm season indoors.


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