Free Fire Player Research Survey

Free fire players are always looking at options to give them rewards and make the game enjoyable. There are a lot of third-party tools being discussed in the media however, the free fire also created a survey for player research to give players rewards. You can now receive rewards such as skins characters, skins, or diamonds by taking the survey.

Free Fire Player Research Survey

Free Fire Player Research Survey

Garena free fire has new features for players, however this time, they’re made in form of an online survey. Participants must complete the survey and, as a result, they’ll be given rewards. The rewards are delivered to the player’s mailbox after the game once you have completed the survey. Therefore, players must go to their mailboxes to find out what they’ve received from the free fire.

How do I take part on the questionnaire?

If you’re willing to take part in the survey and earn rewards for free, you must follow these steps:

To begin, play the game for free on your smartphone.

There are numerous options to play this game. However, it is necessary choose”Events” “Events” button. This is the one in which all new events that are launched through the game will be made available to their players.

In the section for events there are various choices, including “News” is to be clicked by the players.

There is it’s “Free fire Survey” option Click it to initiate the survey.

Participants will receive the survey to fill out in Google Docs which will have questions, as well as blank boxes for responses.

Participants must answer all the questions, and then click submit to finish the survey.

After the submit button has been clicked, the google survey is then submitted to the game and the players will be rewarded with a letter in their mailbox. It is therefore easy to take part in the survey and earn rewards to help make gaming more enjoyable.

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Do you think the survey will take too long?

It’s not true, a free-fire player research survey is designed to collect details from players and it’s not difficult to complete in a short amount of time. The most important thing is that information provided by players are secure and not used for any other purpose since free fire conducts the survey on its own to get suggestions from players and feedback.

Why is it Free when resurvey is shut down?

When Free Fire announced a research questionnaire for players the majority of traffic was directed to the survey area. The influx of traffic has weakened the server’s performance, so it is now shut down. However, don’t fret, once everything goes back to normal, it will be open for participants.

What is the purpose for the study?

The survey mostly collects feedback from players on whether they are looking forward to new characters or features that players would like to see within the game. This will assist developers in getting up-to-date based on player preferences and enhance the enjoyment of the game.

So, if you enjoy playing with your friends in a free fire Don’t miss the chance to earn rewards for free. It only takes five minutes to complete the survey to be rewards that include various gifts to help with the game. The survey is free of any fee, so each player who plays for free can participate in it. Keep yourself up-to-date to be aware of the availability of the survey and receive the reward you deserve.


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