Residential and commercial lawn maintenance clients have a different set of requirements. In residential clients, the jobs are typically bigger and pay more money. In commercial clients, contracts will cover a longer period of time. In addition, commercial clients work with property managers or real estate boards and expect fewer special requests.

Always Green Landscaping is an exceptional landscape service company that specializes in the maintenance, design, and installation of residential and commercial landscapes.


The costs of residential and commercial lawn maintenance services vary widely. The amount you spend on lawn maintenance may depend on the size of your lawn and its condition. For example, a large residential lawn may require more frequent maintenance than a small one. In addition, a commercial property may have different requirements for appearance. The number of visits and applications will also vary.

When pricing your lawn care service, consider how many different services you offer and how much each requires. Some services require special tools or equipment, such as weed eaters, fertilizers, and other materials. It’s important to price each separately so you can account for the different materials and labor needed for each job. You should also discuss any special requests with your customers before the job.

The average cost for lawn maintenance services varies from about $60 to $125 per visit, and can depend on the size of your lawn and the additional services needed. The price per visit will increase if additional maintenance is required, such as tree trimming or chemical application. The price for mowing a small lawn may cost as little as $40, while the cost for seeding a half-acre lot could cost up to $1,200.

Contract Length

Residential and commercial lawn maintenance contracts differ in length and complexity. For one, commercial lawns are more complex and unpredictable. This can make the decision to sign a contract a little confusing. For another, homeowners believe that a long-term contract will save them money, which may be true if the lawn care service provider is losing money. Commercial lawn care contracts may also be short because the client changes management or a competitor offers a cheaper service.

A contract is important for both parties. It should state the amount the commercial client will pay each month and the consequences for non-payment. This will help both parties avoid potential misunderstandings. It will also make it easier for professionals to hire subcontractors, calculate cash flow, and build their reputations. If possible, the contract should also include a digital signature feature.

The contract should also include details on payment terms and options. The customer and the lawn service provider should agree on how and when to pay. The contract should also state the type of equipment and materials that will be used. If the lawn service provider offers a guarantee, this can be included. It’s also important to specify if the contract can be terminated early.

Equipment Used 

Skid steer loaders are versatile construction machines that are indispensable in lawn care and landscaping. These machines can do all kinds of work, from hauling soil to grading and finishing jobs. They also have a tight turning radius and good traction. They are ideal for small and medium-sized jobs and are easy to operate. They are also easy to load and transport.

Commercial lawn maintenance requires more powerful and heavy-duty equipment than residential lawn care. Purchasing and operating commercial-grade equipment requires more manpower and a larger investment. However, if you love working with your hands, you might already have the equipment required to start your own lawn care business.

Leaf blowers can spread animal droppings, pesticides, and other chemicals into the air, so you should consider investing in a quiet model to reduce your environmental footprint. A leaf blower can produce as much emissions per hour as a car driving over 350 miles. The resulting pollution puts 1800 tons of carcinogenic compounds into the air in Los Angeles each year. Gas-powered lawn equipment is responsible for about five percent of the nation’s ozone-damaging pollutants. To reduce your impact, you should invest in ear protection, goggles, and a mask.

Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Landscaping Company 

Hiring a full-service landscaping company for residential or commercial maintenance can save you a lot of time and money. They have a lot of experience in landscaping and know the best way to use specific products and techniques. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself by doing the job yourself. A full-service company will be able to serve you year-round and will save you time from trying to coordinate the work of many different companies.

Full-service landscaping companies can handle a variety of projects, from small lawn maintenance to large-scale landscape design. They can also provide other services, such as designing new landscapes and adding great outdoor features. Professional landscaping companies also have staff that are knowledgeable about various types of plants and understand the properties’ requirements.

Full-service landscaping companies also provide advice about irrigation and drainage systems. Inadequately maintained irrigation systems can cost you a lot of money. A landscaper will be able to suggest changes that will ensure a leak-free irrigation system and prevent your lawn from overwatering.


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