Roblox is not in need of a introduction since it is a gaming platform that offers an array of games for players. There are a variety of game to keep gamers amused, and there are codes to let you obtain free gems, codes and other stuff. Oen the game that is growing in popularity since its launch is “Roblox The Anime Dimensions”.

What exactly is Roblox Anime Dimensions?

Anime Dimensions can be described as an adventurous game that can bring players into a brand new animation world. There are a variety of animated characters that allow players to traverse different countries and allow them to discover the world. The players must fight to the death during the journey , making the game very exciting for those who play.

The players will find their favorite anime characters in this game such as Dragoon Ball Z Demon Slayer and many more. The game will take you through the most beloved locations that is featured in anime and fights for victory.

Roblox Wiki Anime Dimensions

The Roblox Wiki for Anime Dimensions

What are the Anime Dimension Codes?

Roblox anime Dimension isn’t an easy game. Therefore, players search for boost and free gems to make it easy. It’s not easy to get it, however the code for anime dimensions makes it simple to access all the things for free. There are various codes and each has an expiry date. It is therefore important to use the code before the expiry date of the code.

Below is a list of anime dimension codes that allow players get free gems as well as boosts to make playing the game easier:

50KDROPS: This gives you an extra boost to drop speed up to 30 mins.

SOMETHING75K: This is a new code that grants 30 minutes of additional drop boost, along with 100 gems.

20KADGIFT: Receive 30 minutes additional drop boost, making it easier to take on the competition.

TyFOR30K: Offers 150 gems for free that can be used towards the purchase of items in the game.

FIRST CODE: This is the code that provides a 2X boost , and that’s lasts for 30 mins.

Launch: This code will assist in giving a no-cost increase in drop for 30 mins.

NOWAY100K: It offers 100 gems for free, and 30 minutes of Extra drop boost, as well as 2X boost for 30 mins.

How do I redeem anime code?

When you have the codes that are active It’s time to redeem them within your game. For redeeming the codes for anime dimension, follow the steps below:

Start Game Anime Dimension on your device and click on the Twitter icon.

After that, enter your code, and ensure you type the same way since the codes are case sensitive.

Then, click “Go” to access the items for free by entering the code.


Who developed Anime Dimensions?

The video game Anime Dimensions was developed by Albatross Games, and it was launched on the 11th of June 2021.

How many people are on Roblox? Anime Dimensions?

The gameplay of the graphics is so stunning that in one month there are over 50K players playing the game. Over 1 lakh players have played the game evidence that the game is incredibly loved by gamers.

What are the benefits of codes for players?

These codes are activated available for Anime Dimensions that help players to gain free items like coins and gems. Additionally, these codes allow players upgrade their game and earn rewards that increase the fun.


If you are a fan of the game Roblox Anime dimensions, try these codes to get bonus gems and boosts to make playing the game simple. There are numerous codes to choose from but be sure to make use of them before they expire. Therefore, you can enjoy the animation world by using free coins and gems by using codes.


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