What Is Santatracker.google.com Santa Selfie?

Due to Covid restrictions This year, a large number of people are cancelling their holiday vacations. The majority of people are celebrating Christmas at home. Children who sit at home are getting bored and are in search of something to entertain them.

However, what most kids do is being in front of the TV watching movies or web series or play games.

But what do you think about Christmas? Are we all and even our children planning to celebrate Christmas this way?

It’s not so bad since to keep the spirit of Christmas alive, Google has created a new application on the web known by the name of Google Santa Tracker.

The Santa Tracker provides a real-time display of the journey of Santa. Google offers a timer that is constantly updated on the amount of gifts distributed. When Santa’s next visit is scheduled, and remembering the practical fact that Chris Kringle wore a purple mask to defend himself and others from COVID-19 (even having received a vaccine). It sounds like fun and the kids would love to be able to interact with this Santa.

The website is very similar to the Norte’s Santa Tracker, a long-term annual program for the North American Space Defense Command.

Santatracker.google.com Santa Selfie

Google Santa Tracker is a enjoyable method to engage children with miniature games called Elf Glider, where you make use of a keyboard to perform the hang glider. It’s part of Santa Glasses Can, press the space bar and release the sauce.

You can also add Google Santa Tracker to your mobile home screen. If you are using a desktop computer, you can use it by going to their official website.

You can check out the present state of Santa and travel around the world. If you are located far away click on the Santa Hat icon and immediately return to the place where you can have fun within your automobile.

Use the three horizontally stripes “hamburger” menus at the upper left corner of your display to communicate in a variety of ways with Santa and his family by engaging in different ways. For instance, you can give Santa a selfie and get a chance to win a snowball.

As Santa travels all over the world, you can listen to the music to be entertained by joyful music and laughter. Or If you would like to take in Father Christmas in silence, hit or press to the button for dumbbells.

If you use a shortcut to the Santa tracker onto your Chromebook and you’ll notice that it’s image is of Santa who is wearing a mask. This is a great touch – and even more secure in the smallest cases Wait a moment. Are you own a Santa tracker in the Chromebook shelf? “So, it depends on the person you want to ask.

If you would like to show Santa Tracker to your children to give them a small amount of entertainment towards the end of a frightening year, you must first go through your Google Family Guide as a jumping off to start. It provides helpful tips and tricks for the Christmas-themed assistant as well as activities that focus on family connections and every one is enjoyable!

Don’t be forgetting to make sure you call your children Santa by using Google Assistant! If you use this feature on you Nest Hub, trust me. Have you or your family members tried this year Santa Tracker? Did you realize that someone made an entire YouTube channel specifically dedicated to activities and games for trackers and even offers Santa a streaming live every night of Christmas Eve?


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