Video slots are the most popular kind of gambling. Users can explore an assortment of more than a few thousand models.

How to choose the coolest slot in the casino

Today, the selection of exciting online casino games is a fascinating procedure. The number of slots is enormous. Finding your game is not that easy. The coolest slot is the one that lets you win money consistently. There are no slot machines with a 100% payout. This means that a small percentage of your investment will go into the casino’s piggy bank, no matter what the outcome. Below are what criteria to follow when choosing a suitable slot.

Returns and volatility

Your key to success is your payout. This percentage tells us how much money could be put back into the players’ pockets. A high payout is considered to be over 97%. Even with such a figure, someone is bound to lose, but a part of the users will remain in the black.

Volatility is the degree of risk. The higher this value, the less often bonus levels and winning lines will appear. At the same time, the amount of potential profit will increase. Slots with low volatility give paltry amounts of money almost every spin, whereas in high volatility slots you often have to wait for a suitable combination for 100-200 spins.

Players will be able to assess volatility in the free version. This model is extremely important for a player who wants to minimize financial losses.

Availability of the demo version

Almost every classic slot has a free mode. Playing for virtual credits is an opportunity to understand the mechanics of the machine, and to try strategies with varying degrees of risk.

In demo mode, volatility values and payoffs are identical to the money game. Trial and error in a real environment will help players master the intricacies of the slot.

Bonuses and jackpots

Newcomers and regulars regularly receive free spins for completing actions. Free spins usually only work on certain slot machines. Playing on such slots is an opportunity to win without risking funds from your main balance.

Bonuses are also available within the slots themselves. Free Spins of all kinds, reps, multipliers, risk games, and jackpots increase the appeal of slot machines.

Machines with cumulative jackpots deserve special attention. Usually, the jackpot is generated on all of the same slots installed in different casinos at once. The jackpot grows quickly and amounts to a large sum, but it is extremely difficult to win.

Adaptability to smartphones

More than half of all players prefer to play online casinos with a mobile phone app. There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

  • the ability to play from anywhere;
  • fast loading of slot machines;
  • no need to log in to your profile all the time.

Today, more and more slots are correctly displayed on smartphone screens. These are full versions of the slot machines, without the truncated bonuses and features.


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