If you’ve been to a takeout restaurant, grocery store, or office reception in the last few months, you’ve probably come into contact with sneeze guards. These clear partitions have become an integral part of the reopening strategy for businesses and organizations all over the country. They’ve also provided prompt and effective safety assistance to both workers and visitors.

Sneeze guards are supposed to act as a substantial barrier between two parties. Typically, one side is designated for employees such as cashiers or customer service representatives, while the other is designated for customers or members of the general public. It prevents the two parties from coming into direct contact while safely completing an interaction.

Benefits and effectiveness of sneeze guards

These sheets, however, are see-through and sufficiently lean for both sides to hear and see each other. Given that the interactions appear to be so seamless, some may question the efficacy of sneeze guards. Here are some benefits and effectiveness of sneeze guards that companies and organizations should be aware of.

Scientists emphasized the importance of physical separation early on because the virus primarily spreads through direct contact from person to person. However, it can be a challenge to maintain multiple feet of space between people in some situations, such as when someone is checking out at a grocery store or speaking with a customer care representative at a doctor’s clinic. Sneeze guards have proven to be extremely useful in this situation.

Install anywhere to communicate safely

You can install a sneeze guard over customer service counters, checkout areas, or any other area where people need to stand and interact from opposite sides. Customers and employees can still see and hear each other despite the thin plastic. As a result, they can effortlessly complete transactions or have conversations without coming into direct physical contact with one another. Thus, they eliminate the need for people on either side to make face-to-face contact with one another, which is how germs are often spread.

Hassle-free installation process

Furthermore, sneeze guards are simple to order and install. As a result, they offered a quick solution for critical businesses that needed to make changes quickly. These items are available in standard sizes or can be customized to meet specific requirements. They can also be hung from the ceiling, placed on a countertop, or installed with just a few screws. Sneeze guards were ideal for teams that needed to implement solutions to improve safety and sanitation as soon as the pandemic began.

For maintaining a secured workplace environment

There is no way to eliminate the possibility of germs spreading entirely. These safeguards ensure that interactions at vital businesses take place in the safest possible manner. And, as more companies and organizations have reopened, sneeze guards can provide a safer environment to help them stay open as long as possible without the occurrence of serious incidents.


Sneeze guards, in actuality, facilitate people in creating space between them when they are unable to stand six feet or more apart. When used in conjunction with other public health recommendations, such as wearing face coverings, standing six feet apart when possible, and regularly washing and sanitizing, installing sneeze guards at a location can help make that business and community just a little bit safer.


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