Aretha Franklin’s song Natural Woman has sparked controversy on the internet and fans want about what the issue is, and how trans activists discovered the song is offensive. If you are also not able to discern what’s offending in Aretha Franklin Natural Woman, we’ve prepared for you. Below, we’ve highlighted the problem that Trans activists have discovered in the song, and also the implications of what Aretha Franklin Song Natural Woman has to relate to Trans activists.

The controversy has spread across social media following trans activists identified the song as controversial. Trans activists have said they believe the track “perpetuates multiple harmful anti-trans stereotypes.”

The Twitter account that speaks about the controversy is classified as a parody account. Following her death in August of 2018 at 76 after fighting cancer The Queen of Soul’s songs has left an extensive collection of music.

Some of her top tracks that fans will never forget include, “Respect,” “Freeway Of Love” and “I Say A Little Prayer”.

While it is true that the Queen of Soul’s songs has a place within the heart of followers the song ‘Natural Woman is causing controversy. We have collected all the information concerning the most recent controversy.

Why Is Aretha Franklin’s Song Deemed Offensive By Activists?

The “Natural Woman” song is revived online after the social media debate. The song is in the news because transgender activists have voiced their displeasure over it.

Trans activists in Norway have come out and have been blasting the popular song from 1968 “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” since they believe the lyrics offensive.

Through a Twitter account named @TransMindful The Trans-Cultural Mindfulness Alliance has claimed that the lyrics in this track have hurt the feelings of trans women.

The group has also urged authorities to block the track out of the two platforms, Apple Music and Spotify. In the tweet they added that the songs lyrics have been deemed offensive to stream on the internet.

The tweet read “Aretha Franklin’s 1968 hit song “Natural Woman” perpetuates a variety of harmful stereotypes of transphobia. There isn’t a natural woman.”

If you want to add more details, “The song has helped in the creation of acts of violence against transgender females. TCMA has requested it be deleted from Spotify & Apple Music.”

Aretha Franklin Song Natural Woman Under Fire

Following the tweet from the alliance gained traction by social media users The group has said that their tweet was just a ‘Satire’. They also posted an original version of the Franklin song on their website.

They’ve added a cover from “Natural Woman”, by Patti Labelle and Chaka Khan who are the two LGBTQ+ advocates on the platform.

According to the bio on the Twitter account, this group was formed in the month of January 2023 solely by trans people. The group’s mission is to encourage “cultural changes to ensure the inclusivity of trans individuals.”

The bio has been revised and reads “PARODY/SATIRE.”

In a second contradiction to the Tweet the alliance has stated that they’re not a fake account. But, this sequel Tweet has been removed.

After having a look at a number of tweets that contradict each other, people cannot discern what is happening in this instance. They’re left wondering.

In light of all the evidence available we’ve concluded that this was merely jokes and not serious. One of their tweets the Twitter handle posted the song “Natural Women” in a tribute to the late singer.

The Bottom Line

This article discussed the issues is with Aretha Franklin’s Natural Woman is, and the reason trans activists protesting about the song. We hope you’ve discovered a legitimate answer to your query.


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