Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

Xiaomi is not in need of a introduction since it is among the most popular mobile brands of currently. There’s a variety of Xiaomi products that will meet consumers’ needs and budgets. However, at present, Xiaomi is in the spotlight for its “under-display Selfie Camera.” Yes, Xiaomi mi mix 4 has been launched and it’s the first phone from Xiaomi that has a camera that can be placed inside an LCD screen.

Xiaomi mi mix 4 Xiaomi mi mix 4 has the latest features to makes it the best in every aspect. The photophiles will love this latest model to be the best in every aspect. The elegant design and impressive features make it the hot topic. It’s based on the revolutionary Camera Under Panel (CUP) technology that was previously utilized by other manufacturers, but Xiaomi has made it possible this time. Mobile will come in the primary colors of ceramic white, ceramic black shadow cyan, and ceramic white.

Specifications and features are available for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4

The latest smartphone comes with the 6.67 full HD display. It comes with a 120Hz refresh speed. The resolution of the display is 1080 x 2400, consequently, it offers the greatest clarity when watching movies or videos.

For all photographers who love to take pictures, the latest Xiaomi mi mix 4 has triple rear cameras with an periscope lens that can support 50XZoom. With a 108-megapixel HMX sensor allows you to get the most effective photos. The camera also provides clarity similar to DSLR cameras.

The smartphone features a front camera with 20 megapixels and, for the sake of being unique that it’s not displayed located on the screen, but instead in the display.

Xiaomi has even thought about safetyaspect and is equipped with a ceramic back in order to increase its durability. Additionally, the screen is protected by Corning Gorilla glass that gives an extra level of security.

If we are talking about this processor Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 features Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 a processor that is with 5nm technology.

The latest mobile has the battery with 4500 mAh that can support 120W wireless charging, and 50W is for wireless charging. All in all, the phone can be fully charged within 15 minutes.

Technology is constantly evolving, and the recently launched Xiaomi mi mix 4 supports 5G as do all of its predecessors.


What is the cost of Xiaomi mi Mix 4?

The phone comes with all the basic features, and the in-display selfie camera has attracted attention. The exact cost of the phone isn’t yet determined however, the estimated price range is the 57,400 range to 72,300, based on the configurations.

What are the models that will be released for Xiaomi mi Mix 4.

The device is available in four models, and pricing differs according to. The configuration for storage includes 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage space, 8GB RAM plus 256GB storage 12GB RAM + the 256GB storage capacity and 12GB RAM plus 512GB storage.


Xiaomi mi mix 4 is currently available in the China market. It is not clear when it will be released worldwide which includes India. However, all of the specs and features, it’s one of the top smartphones from Xiaomi featuring a new camera under the display. So, if you would like to purchase this new model, wait until it’s on the market.


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