Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby, do you know what it is? 

Let’s start from the basics: these are terms that indicate the two “parties” involved in sugar dating. By definition of Wikipedia, Sugar Dating refers to “mutually beneficial meetings characterized by the exchange of support (financial or material) in exchange for company and attention”.

The term sugar, in fact, indicates the fact that money has to do with it. This is no small detail because it is what distinguishes a sugar daddy from a man who, simply, tries to accompany himself to a (much) younger woman, is his wealth. Conspicuous.

On average, a sugar daddy is a man aged 50 and over, while the sugar baby is a handsome 20-year-old. 

On relationships with so much age difference, there may be different positions. Generally, when you see couples in which he could be her father (or, conversely, mature women with young boys), the thought of her is often associated with the phenomenon of sugar dating. This is what, for example, a journalist on GQ Germany admits, also referring to the statistics relating to the strength of a relationship with respect to the age difference: “According to the studies of the Federal Statistical Office, an age difference of up to ten years is usually not a problem: with a difference of five years the risk of separation is 18%, with a difference of ten years is 39%. A large age difference is rather the exception: only 6% have more than ten years of difference, about half of German couples have a difference of one or three years ». 

Yet, for so many cases that arouse mistrust, there is always an exception (which perhaps confirms the rule, as my teacher of Latin and Greek at the gymnasium used to say). For the journalist, her example was her grandmother, who married a man thirty years her junior for a second marriage.

Maybe that’s the point. What determines a sugar dating relationship between a sugar daddy/mommy and a (or a) sugar baby, in addition to wealth and age difference, is something that has little to do with feelings. With exceptions (rare, in fact), in a sugar relationship – a term that indicates money in a sweetened way – there may be room for some tenderness, but mainly, it is a question of being lovers united by a real or implicit contract. There is no emotional involvement, except in a simulated way.

Who are sugar daddy and sugar baby really? There is nothing better than asking those directly involved. 

So did a GQ US, who compiled an account of a series of interviews with some of the protagonists of this world. 

A sugar daddy, in fact, seeks sex and comanionship. And, paying (not occasionally) for it, he is particularly “motivated” to indulge his desires, in the sense of quantity and quality – translated, beautiful, young girls willing to satisfy special requests.

A sugar baby, on the other hand, is a young (sometimes needy) girl who agrees to be repaid with expensive (issim) gifts from her company (even in bed). Another thorny issue of sugar daddies is based on the combination “company & sex (for a fee, ed)”: neither they nor the sugar daddies, believe or admit that, tighten, sugar dating is a form of prostitution and exploitation.

An American sugar daddy explains his version of him: «I don’t have a long experience with escorts or prostitutes, but it has happened to me a couple of times abroad. It’s like all business. They don’t smile. ” Conversely, a sugar daddy establishes a relationship with his sugar baby, which he leads to dinner, on vacation, to concerts, and so on: “With a sugar baby, it’s almost like a real person who really loves you.”

In that “almost how”, perhaps, the fictional relationship agreed upon between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is summed up. In a sense, the one who risks emotional involvement is the sugar daddy, who, therefore, must be absolutely aware that his little sugar companion will never be his woman. «If you are looking for a partner for life, forget the sugar daddy lifestyle. Sugar babies generally want everything but a legitimate relationship. They want time and money for things they can’t (yet) afford, ”they explain well in GQ Germany. 

On the other hand, even the sex discourse must be based on consent: a sugar daddy pays, but must not confuse the agreements: “No means no.” Just because you pay your partner for sex, in cash or in the form of gifts, doesn’t mean you are entitled to erotic favors. ‘

And in Italy, how are we doing? The phenomenon is as widespread as it is abroad. As well as in the United States (and Canada and the United Kingdom, etc) with a certain proliferation of dedicated sites. 

Are so many? The would have taken over from us, during the pandemic, claims to have registered an exponential increase in the registrations of interested men and women, with a growth of 92% compared to last year.