What is Among Us BT21?

Are you looking for a game that you can play online with your friends and family? Between Us BT21 is completely free, simple to master and accessible via your mobile. We’ve got all you must learn about Among Us right here to prepare you for remote gaming.

“Among Us BT21 is an internet-based social deduction game that was developed as well as published by American game company Innersloth. It launched for iOS as well as Android phones in June of 2018 and later on Windows in November 2018 with games that play across platforms. Between us BT21 is a game that involves collaboration and betrayal. Team members work together to finish tasks before one or more impostors could kill everyone on board.

How do I play?

Be prepared for departure, but beware of the fake! You can play with up to four players online or on local WiFi in your attempt to keep your spacecraft together and stay alive however, be cautious. There are a few random players in the group are impostors who want to kill everyone!

The Black and Green Player’s Decor, the Purple Player’s Decor DecorStars DecorStars Decoration.

In the meantime, non-alien crew members are required to repair the ship, and they aren’t able to speak unless the death of a crew member is declared. After that, the remaining crew can discuss openly what they believe the imposter’s identity is and then make their best guess about who should be voted out of the boat. If the imposter is elected out, then the team is rewarded. If the group accidentally decides to oust a member of the crew and the group is unable to continue taking care of the ship until a second body is discovered, and then they can are able to vote again.

Among Us BT21

Among Us BT21

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Goal: Fill in the taskbar for the group, or eliminate the Impostors

Complete all task on your ship or remove Impostors to be the winner.

Contact emergency meetings if you observe anyone dead or unusual behaviors.

Go through the map of the admin or Security cameras for an eye on the other Crew members.

Quickly take action to stop the impostor’s deeds.

You should have an alibi ready in the event that you’re wrongly accuse.

Vote to eject suspected Impostors. I hope you got it right!

Goal: Kill the crew.

Kill Crew members as well as frame innocent bystanders.

Red Star

Perform pretend work to blend into the crewmates.

Red Star

You can sneak through the vents and swiftly move about.

Red Star

The Sabotage Tasks are designed to create chaos and mislead the team.

Red Star

Close the doors to catch victims and kill private.

Red Star

Do everything possible to show the team that you’re part of them.

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The life of a crewmate: You must complete all your duties on the ship in order to win Be on the lookout for Impostors! Report dead bodies and schedule emergency meetings to cast on the frauds out. We hope you made the right choice!

You can play as an imposter to cause chaos, sneeze around and frame innocent people! The goal is to kill everyone on the Crew. Think you’re an expert at subversion?

Customization: Pick what you would like to play! Include more obstacles, tasks to reduce visibility and much more. You’ll look stylish as you pick the color, style and the hat.

Cross-platformplay: Play with your friends on the PC, Android, and iOS!

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