All trees require trimming and pruning to grow, look good, and stay healthy. It’s tempting to believe that adding tree trimming to your DIY to-do list would allow you to save time and money. Homeowners shouldn’t undertake tree trimming or pruning jobs without the assistance of expert Arborists. Simply put, the risk is not worth it. 

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The following are six major errors that homeowners and inexperienced tree trimmers make:

  1. Using Blunt Tools 

Have you ever attempted to mow a lawn with a clogged grass chute? Most people don’t think sharpening their blades is necessary because cutting grass is usually simple. They are unaware of how much extra labor they are putting themselves through. Your lawn will have large clumps of grass left over after using dull blades; this necessitates extra work. 

When pruning trees, the same issue arises, but the problem worsens because trees are more difficult to cut. If you cut a tree wrongly, the branches won’t regrow as quickly as your lawn. 

  1. Excessive Tree Pruning 

It’s important to avoid over-pruning your tree whether you’re using sharp instruments or not. Homeowners often overestimate the amount of trimming needed. Over-pruning can seriously harm the tree, sometimes irreparably. You should hire expert arborists to help distinguish between what should be cut and what should be left alone.

  1. Flush Cutting 

Have you considered getting the chainsaw out and cutting up that dead branch? Be sure to reconsider. You can have the proper notion about what to accomplish, but how to do it is just as important. The tree can suffer severe damage if you cut too close to the trunk, and the bark may appear rough. This detracts from your landscape’s aesthetic and, to make matters worse, invites disease, fungus, and pests. 

If you don’t make enough cuts, you may be able to remove the risk of a falling tree branch, but you won’t be doing the tree any favors.

Expert Arborists know where and how to make the necessary cuts to eliminate the danger, allow the tree to heal, and restore its former beauty. 

  1. Pruning in unfavorable Weather Conditions

Some people rush the cutting process when they notice a storm coming so they can finish the project before it hits. That’s a bad idea. Unless you’ve been on top of your tree trimming and pruning, it’s not just incredibly risky to prune during bad weather; the tree will require some work done on it once the storm passes. 

As a result, you should be proactive when it comes to pruning and trimming trees. Regular tree pruning is something that expert Arborists prefer to do to ensure the trees are ready for unexpected storms. It’s a good idea to schedule a professional tree trimmer to visit your property in late fall or early winter to prepare the trees for the storms.

  1. Bad Cleanup 

Being unkempt is terrible manners, as we all know, but being unclean when pruning trees is risky. The most common reason for catastrophic tree pruning accidents and injuries is actually allowed to remain on your property if you don’t clean up the mess you generate when you prune your tree.

The most common type of serious accident that happens when pruning trees is called a “struck by” accident, and it involves being hit by a falling branch. 

The trouble and danger of cleaning up after do-it-yourself tree pruning projects are not worth it. Let the experts who handle tree services handle it for you. 

  1. Disregarding Security Measures 

Most homeowners are not irresponsible; they are rather inexperienced individuals who lack knowledge about completing tasks. Tree trimming is challenging and risky, and mastering it requires time, research, and practice. Although tree pruning has always been risky, some mishaps occur because homeowners fail to abide by important safety precautions.


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