A looser toilet handle could be a big problem in the home most especially when it happens suddenly and then you can’t seem to figure out what caused it and even how you can fix it at that point. 

Do you know that it is possible for you to fix a loose toilet handle by yourself? In this article, you will get to see how you can fix a loose toilet handle by yourself just in case you find yourself in this shoe. If you notice it has gone beyond your reach, visit H&A|best plumbing services in Queens, New York.

Fix Your Loose Toilet In Few Steps

Close the toilet seat cover

This should be the first thing you should do when you want to fix your loose toilet handle. This is because you would be doing more screw turning and then there are a few things that are quite important and might fall into the toilet. To avoid losing any of these tiny materials, it is best that you close the toilet seat.

Remove the toilet tank cover

The tank cover is that component on top of the closet. It covers the hidden components of the toilet handle. It could be very sleek so you should be careful when you want to bring it down. Also, it is made of ceramic and would definitely get broken if you do not bring it down with care. You are also prone to injury if it falls off your hand mistakenly.

Shut your water supply valve

The water supply valve is behind the closet tank. When you want to fix a loose handle, you might not need water running at that point. It is best that you switch it off so that you can have your mind fully fixed on what you are doing.

Flush the toilet

Do not forget that shutting your water supply valve does not take out water from the tank. If the water in the tank is filled to the brim then you should flush it so that the water goes down. Having done this, there would not be an automatic refill afterwards because you have already shut the water supply valve.

Locate the nut holding the toilet handle

Obviously, the reason for your toilet handle to be loose is because the nut is loose or a damage might have been done to it which would require you to hire a professional. Also, if you notice that the nut is not attached to the handle, check the tank well. It could have fallen. 

Get a wrench for the tightening process

A wrench is that tool that you would use to hold the nut together so that the toilet handle can become firm again. If you do not have a wrench then you should get it from someone. Use the wrench to tighten the nut but ensure that you do not over tighten it. Over tightening it would only lead to you damaging it the more. Just ensure that you do it to a reasonable extent.

Test the handle

Having tightened the nut, you would now test to see if what you have done is okay. If you notice that it is still getting loose, repeat the tightening process.

Now that you have seen all of these, it would not be hard to fix a loose toilet handle again. Note that some of these materials wear out and sometimes the solution to the problem might just be that you would have to change the handle and that would be done by professionals. 

If you follow these steps yourself then you would not have a problem fixing your loose toilet handle.


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