Growth hormones are peptide hormones that stimulate growth, cell generation and cell production in humans. It is, hence, very important to the development of a human being. Sometimes growth hormones are artificially stimulated with the help of secretagogues like MK 677.

Growth hormones promote linear growth, the retention of nitrogen in the body and weight gain. It has been proven to increase muscle mass in elderly men. It also promotes protein accretion in the hypopituary subjects.

This indicates that secretagogues like MK 677 may be useful in the treatment of catabolic patients and particularly the catabolism that is induced or becomes worse due to inadequate caloric intake.

Here, it works by helping overcome the dietary energy restriction, the utilisation of excess energy through exercise, glucocorticoid excess, surgery and the problem that is common to all human beings – ageing.

Treatment of growth hormones is expensive despite the availability of recombinant growth hormones. Therefore, the secretagogues are considered attractive alternatives. They are generally administered orally.

What is MK 677?

MK 677, also known as Ibutamoren, is a long-acting, extremely potent growth hormone secretagogue. It is also selective, orally active and a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor. It increases the secretion of several hormones namely the growth hormone and the insulin-like growth factor 1. It also produces sustainable increases in the plasma level of these without affecting the cortisol levels.

MK 677 increases the lean body mass of a person with little to no change in the total fat mass. Studies indicate that it increases muscle mass and also the mineral density of the bone. For these reasons, it is being studied as a potential treatment for children or the elderly who have a growth hormone deficiency.

Synthetic hexapeptide like Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 is a potent, relatively selective secretagogue and other compounds have been developed to mimic the stimulator actions of Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide. The continuous infusion of these for 24 hours through an IV was shown to stimulate growth hormone release and increase the mean circulation of it healthy older adults.

MK 677 have been proven to be indistinguishable from Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide-6 in this fashion. It is ingested orally and is considerably more effective than Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. It produces a mean peak growth hormone concentration of 22.1 μg/L after a dose of 25 mg.

It helps to promote the development of the growth hormone and also the secretion of the risen insulin-like growth factor. The hormone ghrelin’s actions are copied in order to do this and then the ghrelin receptors in the brain are stimulated.

When this ghrelin receptor activates, the growth hormones are stimulated. The ghrelin receptors affect various parts of the human body and its processes such as appetite, biological rhythm, increased libido, memory, mood, pleasure as well as cognition.

Hence, MK 677 also has an effect on the aforementioned functions. It increases the secretion of  growth hormones while preventing the increase of other hormones such as cortisol which is unbeneficial if not straight away harmful. It lessens wound healing, weakens the immune system and weakens the learning capabilities and retaining ability of a person. Therefore, the stimulation of cortisol is considered undesirable and MK 677’s ability to suppress it is very important.

MK 677 works by stimulating your body in order to secrete more growth hormone and insulinlike growth factors. The insulin like growth factors are a mediator for the growth hormone in most of your tissues and cells. It is considered significantly less effective in comparison to artificial treatments like growth hormone therapy or shots. This is because MK 677 makes the  body produce growth hormones naturally instead of artificially ingesting them in the form of shots.

What are some benefits of using MK 677?

A reduction in body fat: MK 677 can help reduce body fat over a large amount of time as evidenced by a study conducted on 40 people. It was found that over the course of 16 weeks a daily intake of MK 677 at 15 mg can burn 3% of the fat in your body due to the increased levels in the growth hormone.

Increase in muscle mass: A similar study found that a daily intake of 13.5 mg of MK 677 results in an increase of 2 lbs of muscle without any change in the diet or the exercise regimens of these people.

It is also helpful in post cycle therapy after the use of the Selective Androgen Receptors Modulator. It makes it easier to retain the muscle gained through the use of SARMs easily.

Swift recovery: MK 677 has a considerable impact on the recovery time of a person. For example, normally the recovery time after a workout for a bodybuilder would be 72 hours. With the use of MK 677, you can lessen the recovery time by around 2 days. This helps to implement workout and training sessions much more frequently which can be very advantageous.

Better sleep quality: This is a blissful benefit of using MK 677. The increased quality of growth hormones in turn increases the quality of sleep allowing for you to be more rested with fewer amounts of sleep. If you feel very well rested, your energy levels will also increase and remain high throughout the entire day. To avail of this benefit, the dosage must be taken an hour or so before bed. An impact on sleep quality should be seen by the end of a fortnight.

Increase in the quality of skin and hair: MK 677 reportedly helps obtain clear skin and aids in the growth of nails and hair. Thicker, stronger hair is a common benefit of MK 677 as it prevents balding and increases the growth  of hair follicles.

Essentially the aim of MK 677 is to strengthen the body’s mechanisms so that it is capable of increasing its hormone activity naturally. It can be a highly beneficial tool to help with many issues if used correctly and safely. We implore you to do your research and understand the effects MK 677 can have before using it and to buy it from safe and trusted retailers such as iMuscle.


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