The Best Tools to Help with Patient Engagement

NetbaseQuid is a company focused on helping with patient engagement. They provide a suite of tools to help healthcare providers, payers, and other stakeholders better understand and engage with patients.

Their platform offers a variety of solutions, including patient surveys, patient segmentation and targeting, sentiment analysis, and more. The NetbaseQuid platform is designed to be highly customizable so that it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization. Additionally, their analytics solutions provide insights into patient behavior and preferences, which can be used to develop targeted marketing strategies or improve the overall patient experience.

NetbaseQuid also provides coaching services for healthcare organizations looking to improve their patient engagement efforts. Their coaches are experienced in creating customized engagement plans based on each organization’s goals and objectives. Here are the best tools to help with patient engagement:

1. Web-based Patient Surveys

There are many different options for web-based patient surveys, but NetbaseQuid offers a suite of tools designed specifically with healthcare organizations in mind. Their web-based survey platform features several innovative features that make it a great option for healthcare providers.

The platform is designed to be highly customizable and easily integrated with other systems. Additionally, it offers access to actionable data in real-time and can provide insights into each organization’s patients through the creation of segmented lists.

2. Patient Segmentation and Targeting

With NetbaseQuid’s segmentation and targeting tool, organizations can identify specific groups of patients who may benefit from a particular intervention or service. This information can then be used to create targeted marketing campaigns or personalized experiences for those patients.

This tool can also identify factors that might contribute to certain conditions or behaviors and provide insight into which treatments or interventions may be most effective for certain patient populations.

3. Social Sentiment Analysis 

Social sentiment analysis is a tool that can help healthcare providers track patient satisfaction and monitor industry trends. NetbaseQuid offers a suite of tools designed to analyze social media data and leverage the latest technology to gather insights into patients’ attitudes and behaviors.

This tool can be used to identify the media sources that are most influential in influencing patient behavior. It can also be useful for learning how specific types of content may influence patient behavior.

4. Clinical Decision Support

This tool offers tools to help healthcare providers make more informed clinical decisions and manage risks associated with various treatment options. It features a powerful analyzer that helps healthcare providers estimate risks and identify potential complications, which can then be used to develop optimal treatment plans.

5. Patient Sentiment Analysis

NetbaseQuid’s sentiment analysis tool allows organizations to access real-time and historical customer feedback data. This data can help better understand who is engaging with your organization, what issues are most important to them, and more. It can also be used to identify where your patient’s comments are coming from, which can be useful for interacting with your audience more personally.

6. Customer Engagement Management

NetbaseQuid’s customer engagement management platform features several features designed to streamline the process of capturing feedback from patients. This includes support for customized patient surveys and the ability to share important feedback with appropriate stakeholders quickly. It also offers a way to analyze data in real-time and make the most of every patient interaction.

7. Engagement Performance Management

NetbaseQuid’s engagement performance management platform is designed to help healthcare organizations better understand how to improve the patient experience. This includes calendar and call tracking features so organizations can ensure critical conversations occur at the right time and with the right stakeholders.

8. Patient Engagement Coaching

NetbaseQuid’s coaching services are designed to help healthcare organizations improve their engagement efforts. Their coaches are experienced in creating customized engagement plans based on each organization’s goals and objectives.

9. Content Management System

NetbaseQuid’s tools are accessed via a content management system, making it easy for organizations to manage and track their patient engagement efforts. The system is designed to be highly customizable and can handle various issues healthcare organizations may have.


Despite the need for improved engagement, more healthcare organizations are embracing social media to improve patient engagement. This can be attributed to the fact that it offers numerous advantages over traditional marketing strategies and is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional marketing avenues.


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