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Sydney’s luxury housing market has been experiencing growth in recent years due to increasing demand from buyers, both domestically and internationally. The market has seen the development of new luxury buildings and increased sales volumes, especially in areas like the CBD, Eastern Suburbs, and North Shore. 

So, if you also own a high-end property and wish to lease it, you should be aware that property management can play a huge role in the maintenance and success of executive leasing in Sydney. It involves maintenance and upkeep of the property, finding and screening tenants, and handling any issues during the tenancy. The role is even more critical for high-end executive properties, as they require a higher level of care and attention to maintain their value and attract high-end tenant

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Finding and screening tenants: One of the key roles in maintaining high-end executive properties is finding and screening tenants. For high-end properties, the tenant pool is much smaller than for standard rental properties, and the tenants themselves are often more discerning and demanding. Property managers must have a keen eye for finding the right tenants and ensuring they fit the property well.

They must have a solid marketing strategy in place to attract high-end tenants, including professional photography and targeted advertising. They must also be able to showcase the unique features and benefits of the property, such as high-end finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, and exclusive amenities.

Maintenance and upkeep: Another critical role in maintaining high-end executive properties is maintenance and upkeep. High-end properties require a higher level of care and attention than standard rental properties, and property managers must have a team of skilled professionals to handle any maintenance and repair issues that arise.

They must also have a comprehensive maintenance plan in place to ensure the property is always in top condition. It includes regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and immediate repairs for any issues.

Handling tenant issues: Despite careful screening and maintenance, issues can still arise during a tenancy. Property managers must be prepared to handle any issues promptly and effectively to ensure the tenant is satisfied and the property remains in top condition.

For high-end properties, tenants may have higher expectations when it comes to resolving issues. They must proactively address concerns and have the resources and expertise to handle even the most complex issues.

Communication is vital when handling the issues, and they must keep the tenant informed at every step of the process. They must also work closely with the owner to resolve issues to meet the tenant’s expectations and protect the property’s value.

Protecting the property’s value: Perhaps the most crucial role of property management is protecting the property’s value. High-end properties are often significant investments, and the property’s value must be maintained to ensure a good return on investment for the owner.

Property managers must understand the local real estate market and adapt to changing market conditions to ensure the property remains competitive. In addition, they must work closely with the owner to ensure the property is always in line with their long-term goals. 

Property management is vital to the success of executive leasing in Sydney. Property managers must have a deep understanding of the unique needs and demands of high-end tenants and must be able to provide a level of service that meets those needs, which includes finding and screening tenants, maintaining and repairing the property, handling tenant issues, and protecting the value of the property.


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