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Clear heels are trending these days and taking the fashion world by storm. The versatility and stylish look are making these heels a fashion runway these days. And if you are looking, what are they, how to wear and style with different outfits? Then, read this blog post till the end.  

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What are Clear Heels? 

Clear heels are often known as Perspex heels, transparent heels and Lucite heels. They are versatile shoes that can be worn for a variety of occasions, as long as they fit the dress code, of course! It usually has clear uppers and heels, but there are some that are partially transparent. You can also find them in a range of colors, with or without added detailing. No matter which style of design you choose, clear heels AU are sure to give your outfit a sleek and polished look. 

Now, let’s jump on to the styling guide.  

7+ Style outfit Ideas with Clear Heels for Women 

1. With Printed Dresses 

They make a perfect appeal with trendy prints of dresses such as florals, leopard print and any other animal and playful prints. Just remember, the busier print is, the more they will accentuate the look. You can finish off your look with minimalist jewellery and accessories such as a purse.  

2. With White Outfits 

If you are looking for a crisper and cooler look with clear heels, team up with the all-white appeal of outfits. Whether it’s a formal white dress, white tee and jeans or pants, and even with the wedding dress, the clear white heels AU will blow away the attention of the audience. For clear shoes, make sure the base color matches your skin tone or is in a subdued hue like gold or tan. This will help the shoes blend in and not stand out too much. 

3. With Different Types of Dresses 

They complement well with every kind of dress. Let’s say bodycon dresses. If you’re looking to make a statement with your outfit, a bodycon dress and clear heels are perfect. They can be worn with a mini bodycon dress for a night out or a midi cut-out dress for a date night look. You can easily hit the dance floors with cocktail floor-length gowns or dresses when you partner with clear heels. In addition, for a party, new year event or a bachelorette party, pairing a sequin dress with clear heels will surely give you a stunning look. You can even go with matchy-matchy and glow all your sparkles in the show. Lastly, you can pair these heels with a slippery dress and top with a sweater or cardigan to have a cool look.  

4. With jeans 

Clear heels are a versatile style of shoe that can add a futuristic edge to any outfit. You can pair it with blue jeans to jazz up simple jeans and a tee outfit or even a sweatshirt outfit. But they can also look super glamorous appeal with black or dark jeans, a bodysuit, and an oversized blazer or moto jacket. 

5. With Jumpsuits 

Another great combination is clear heels with jumpsuits. They can enliven the black jumpsuit that you can wear at weddings or give a sassier look on club nights. You can play around with multiple colors, textures and prints of jumpsuits. 

6. With Skirts 

There are numerous ways to style your clear heels with skirts. Whether you are wearing a matching skirt set to your date party or denim skirts on a lunch date, they will work well in every way.  

7. With Loungewear 

To make your joggers, sweats and loungewear look more elevated, try slipping into a pair of clear heels or slides. You can either choose joggers and tops that match or simply pair your sweatpants with a bodysuit or cropped tee for a perfect airport look. Add a moto jacket or denim jacket to complete the look. 

Are you ready to try it out? Head over to the wide selection of clear heels AU, and we are sure that you won’t regret it later!


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