Whenever we are making any purchase, we ideally try to find something that is durable, cost-effective, and efficient. Prior research can save some time and money when you hunt for the perfect water purifier for your home. Here are some necessary points to consider to find thebest water purifier for your home.

Type of Contaminants

What type of water purifier you need, depends on the type of water supply in your area or home. Once you’ve determined which toxins are in your drinking water, you may evaluate water filtration systems that target those contaminants. Most water filtration systems work with a variety of sinks, faucets, and plumbing equipment. However, it’s advisable to determine whether you’ll need additional attachments to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Purification Capability

Another important thing to keep in mind is the purifier’s filtration rate. Filters have varied filtration rates, which means they generate varying volumes of cleansed water. You should choose a water filtration system that can keep up with your household’s needs. Pureit Water offers water purifiers that provide different and detailed stages of filtration to help you get 100% purified water.

Installation and Post-Filtration Charges

Because of the complexity of their configuration, some water purifiers will cost more to install. The installation fees, however, are not the only things to consider when selecting a purifier. Regardless of the kind of water filtration system you install in your house, you will need to replace the cartridges or filters regularly. The frequency with which you change these filters is determined by the size and quality of the system.

Storage Capability

This is one of the major objectives to look for in a water purifier is the storage capacity that can provide you and your family. If you have a family size of 3 or more then you might need a water purifier with a sufficient capacity that can store at least 6 litres of water and can provide water during long power cuts.

Maintenance of the purifier

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the purifier surely enhance the life of your water purifier but it is time-consuming. Some water purifiers may require more frequent maintenance than others. So you need to check that as well.

So, before taking the final decision, evaluate the type, capability, storage, and costs of installing and maintaining a purifier to pick a type that won’t cost a fortune and you can have the best water purifier without breaking the bank.

Now, along with all these requirements here is a checklist of some must-have features of an ideal water purifier.

Hard Water Treatment

The majority of the water supplied to Indian households is hard water, which has a high TDS content. TDS in water contain inorganic salts such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, bicarbonates, chlorides, and sulfates. An ordinary water filter might not match this requirement, which can limit your options based on the quality of the water. So if you want a water purifier that has the versatility of cleaning every type of contamination and can maintain the correct TDS level then that can be found in the Pureit Vital Series. For the norm, take Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP with FiltraPower Technology- this water purifier comes with 7 stages of purification where water passes through 7 different filters such as a pre-sediment filter, Pre-RO carbon filter, Mesh filter, RO membrane, UV chamber, Post-carbon and Carbi-Trap which gives you absolute assurance of clean and safe drinking water. This feature not only makes it perfect for your home but also the best water purifier range on the market.

Mineral Enhancer

The goodness of mineral water purifier is not unknown to anyone. Mineral water is known to have numerous health benefits due to its carbonation and mineral content. Keeping that in mind, Pureit includes a Special Mineral Enhancer cartridge in their Vital series which enhances the taste of your water by adding important minerals like calcium and magnesium, so that each of your glasses has tasty and nutritious water.

Smart Indicator

We know that growing technology can save time and can avoid safety hazards. By swearing on that, the Pureit Vital range includes Smartsense Indicators which work as an advanced alert system that indicates 15 days prior whenever the filter needs to be changed and auto shuts the water flow when the filter requires changing.

Storage Tank

As was mentioned earlier, this is one of the most required features when it comes to water purifiers. But with any purifier from the Pureit Vital series, there is no way for storage issues. This range comes with 6 to 7 litres of storage tanks that can have your back during a power failure or long electricity blackouts.

This was a pro checklist for you to take along when you invest in a water purifier. Do check the variety range of Pureit Vital along with other attractive ranges.


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