Tips To Protect Yourself From Infections In Winters

In winter, it becomes even harder to stay healthy, spending holidays without any flu or cold. It can be hard, but not impossible. To stay healthy, especially during winters, you need to pay extra attention to your health. Take some time out for yourself out of your busy schedule. 

In winters, respiratory tract infections are quite common because they spread from one person to another through respiratory droplets. When the air is cold, your respiratory tract catches infections faster than in summer. This factor makes it difficult to prevent respiratory tract infections in winter when the air is cold and dry. 

In this article, we will tell you the tips to protect yourself and your family from respiratory tract infections in winters. So you can have nice and enjoyable holidays as you must have a happy and active new year’s eve. 

If you have a complaint of recurrent respiratory tract infection, you should visit the healthcare provider and attend the follow-up visits also. For more information, you can visit 

Wear A Mask

When you go out of your home or interact with people who come from outside, it is a good idea to wear a face mask. When you cover your mouth and nose, the chances of respiratory tract infections get lowered. 

When a person having a respiratory tract infection coughs or sneezes in front of you, their droplets can enter your body through nostrils and mouth. It can happen without you even knowing about it. Therefore make a habit of wearing a face mask while going out as it can protect you from catching infections. 

Maintain A Distance 

To protect yourself from respiratory tract infections, maintaining a distance from people is essential. Make sure you maintain a six feet distance from people when you go to a public place. 

Wash Your Hands

We often think that respiratory tract infections can not occur due to hands contamination. But it can happen many times. When a person having a respiratory tract infection coughs or sneezes at a surface, and you touch that surface your hands can get contaminated. If you put those contaminated hands on your face, mouth, nose, or ears, the germs can enter your body too, eventually leaving you infected. 

Washing hands or sanitizing them is essential to prevent the spread of respiratory tract infections. Therefore make a habit of frequent handwashing. Wash them before you eat something, after using the toilet when you come home from outside.

Limit Large Gatherings

You should limit large gatherings and turn them into small ones. Make sure you do not go into overcrowded places. You should avoid interaction with unvaccinated people from the coronavirus vaccine. 


Make sure you get vaccinated against flu virus and coronavirus. Ask your healthcare provider when you can get the vaccinations. However, do not get vaccinated when you have an acute infection. 

Get Your Health Screening Done 

If you have any other respiratory tract disease such as asthma, allergy, emphysema, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, you should attend follow-up visits with your healthcare provider. Make sure you do not miss them because sometimes you may need to get changes in medications or inhalers. Avoiding visits to the healthcare provider may cost you a price for your health.

The Bottom Line 

Caring for yourself is the most important thing to protect from respiratory tract infections. If someone has got a respiratory tract infection in your house, wear a mask when taking care of them and wash hands after doing their work. 

If you have any respiratory tract disease, you should attend follow-up visits with the healthcare provider. For an expert opinion, you should visit Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Islamabad.


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