Whether you are a busy parent or a time-poor uni student, it can be hard to resist the convenience and taste of takeaway food.

Yes, with the busyness of modern life, takeaways are popular for quick meals, but they also tend to be full of salt, fat, and calories.

Getting takeaway and fast food can also be expensive, so why not try and make some of your favourite fast food at home? 

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a midweek meal, try these easy recipes for your own homemade takeaways.

Hot Dogs

While hot dogs are not the most typical takeaway, they are a really easy option to recreate at home.

If you are making hot dogs for kids you may want to keep it basic, but if you are cooking for yourself and other adults you may wish you get creative. 

From adding some sauteed onions, bacon, sauerkraut or chives, there is an endless list of delicious toppings you can add to your hot dog bun

Fish and Chips 

A classic pub meal and a corner shop classic, fish and chips is another Aussie takeaway favourite that many of us could easily whip up in our own kitchens.

For a healthier alternative to fried fish, you can also cook your fish in a pan or in the oven. As for sides, you can’t go wrong with chips, salad or even mushy peas. 


When it comes to fast food and takeaway, pizza is an all-time favourite but also something that is incredibly fun to do at home.

Perfect for a fun Friday night dinner or weekend lunch, making pizza at home is a great way to get the kids in the kitchen. 

Fried Chicken at Home

While we may not have Colonel Sanders’s 11 herbs and spices, we can still make delicious fried chicken at home, which is easier on the calories and wallet. 

Homemade Burgers 

If there is one food that is perfect for takeaway, it’s the humble burger. 

Everyone loves burgers, but they are easy to make at home, a family favourite and easily customizable to suit even the fussiest eaters. 

While some home cooks may add various ingredients and seasonings to their burger patties, just adding shaved butter to your mincemeat is all you need. Butter helps season the meat, but the extra fat and oil from the butter can help keep your burger patty extra juicy and succulent. 

When it comes to creating a classic burger sauce for a cheeseburger, you only need four ingredients and only three if you don’t like gherkins. 

Burger sauce recipe:

  • 2 tablespoons tomato sauce 
  • 2 tablespoons American mustard 
  • 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 
  • 1 teaspoon gherkin juice (from tinned or bottled gherkin)

You can leave the gherkin juice out if you don’t like gherkins and adjust the sauce to suit your tastes. 

Homemade Burritos or Tacos

With so many tacos and home burrito kits available in supermarkets, this takeaway favourite is another great homemade fast food idea. 

Burritos and tacos are also another family favourite and can be customised to suit everyone’s tastebuds and preferences.

According to Taste, Mexican food especially burritos and tacos are the most-ordered takeaway item in Australia. 

If you are tired of waiting in the drive-through line at your local fast-food chain restaurant, why not try and make some of these popular dishes at home. 


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