Several celebs and influencers are into travel photography. They often visit different places, experience other cultures, and capture beautiful landscapes, to showcase their adventurous journey on social media. But remember these are people who have been doing this as a job for a few years.  

But if you are a beginner who loves to collect souvenirs of your trip memories, this post is just for you. The photos or videos you take from your smartphones remind you of the perfect vacation, but they are not professional looking at all; Right?  

Clicking photos is not enough to bring your travel photographs into the limelight. You have to learn photo editing, as well. You need to do a lot of practice and invest some time to learn professional photographic skills. 

If you’ve just started getting into an uncompromising practice, it’s great. Let’s take a look at the following travel photography tips; that every beginner should know –  

  • Research about the Destination

As a photographer, the first thing you need to do is find out the best places around your destination that you would like to visit. You can do a quick research of the location on various social platforms; there, you’ll get various information regarding weather, local laws, traffic conditions, transport availability, etc. 

Prepare yourself according to the information. Only then can you arrive at your destination with proper equipment for the shoot.

  • Practice More to Know Your Camera

No matter; whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the important factor is understanding the different functions of your camera. You can apply the right settings during clicking pictures only when you are well aware of all of the manual and internal automated functions of your camera. If you don’t want to miss any of your desired shots searching on the proper settings, spend a lot of time with your camera and take several practice shots. 

  • Get Proper Lighting

Sometimes you might not get sufficient light from nature or surrounding areas. So first, I would like to recommend using a decent low light camcorder. Such video cameras have large-format image sensors, which only could bring out sharp and crystal-clear images or videos in low-lighting situations.

  • Inform the Locals

The language could be a barrier; you should still politely ask permission from the local people before you photograph their personal space. If some of them disapprove of your entrance, don’t make them offended; move on to the next destination.

  • Wake Up Early

The morning light is a crucial element; that helps capture stunning images as well as improves picture quality. The morning sunlight provides soft but warm-colored light; things really look amazing in such soft sunlight. Plus, you’ll get fewer tourists around you early in the morning and focus on your subject with ease.   

  • Carry External Light and Tripod

When you’re focusing on travel, you have to be prepared for all sorts of situations, so carry all the necessary travel photography accessories with you. It could strain your back during the journey, but still, you have to take a few essentials like – a travel light, tripod, and much more. 

Regardless of the situation, the travel light and tripod are the ultimate things that will always help you get the perfect shot. So never forget to keep them in your bag; when you pack your backpack for the upcoming trip. 

  • Look for Unique Composition Styles

Photographers constantly search for unique ways to enhance their creativity. Everyone has their own styles; some focus on a solid background, while the others intentionally keep chaos behind the subject. 

However, there is no strict rule; that you need to follow for capturing nature landscapes or travel photos. There are some basic composition techniques; that could help you compose beautiful travel photos with ease.  Visit the filmosphere to learn more about compositions techniques. 

  • Ensure Best Protection

When you are on the go, keep in mind that you’re carrying several expensive photographic gears. So, I highly recommend using a good-quality travel camera backpack, which has a weatherproof hard case outside, anti-theft features, and several adjustable padded compartments inside. 


These are a few travel photography tips from my side that I follow on my trip! I hope you’ve got a basic idea of the topic. If you have any doubts, kindly comment below. I will get back to you with relevant answers. Thanks for reading!


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