Update Today's Hottest KUBET betting casino Promotion

Information related to KUBET promotions is currently being sought by many people. Because of the attractiveness of these incentive packages, they bring a lot of benefits and huge amounts of money to participants. If you want to know more about these programs, please refer to the following article of KUBET for more details.

Summary of KUBET promotion policies

Currently, KUBET is one of the leading reputable online bookmakers in Asia. It offers interesting betting products such as: online football betting, lotto, online lottery, live casino, etc. Kubet link https://kubetzz.net/ register, login and download the official Kubet app . This is the official Kubet login link in Vietnam.

It can be said that this game portal is a new version upgraded from casinos. directly in real life. With the desire to bring you the latest and most modern game experiences along with the following attractive incentive packages:

  • Get 1 out of 5 valuable gifts when you deposit and play games at KUBET. You can freely choose the gifts that the casino offers. This policy is widely accepted and appreciated.
  • 20% off for you to register and make your first deposit at the bookie
  • Get 10% off for your 2nd deposit.

Attractive promotion policy from KUBET

It can be seen that there are quite a few attractive KUBET promotions for players. Therefore, you can join an online Casino at the KUBET bookie at the link https://kubetzz.net/ to be able to receive these attractive offers.

Summary of promotions at the KUBET bookie

Below, KUBET will share with you the most attractive KUBET promotions today. With these special promotion packages, you can ring about extremely high value prizes bitcoin casinos. Specifically:

Promotion to receive gifts of 5 choose 1

When you come to KUBET, you will all receive attractive promotions, choose 1 of 5 gifts such as: Desktop vacuum cleaner, smart bluetooth headset, nebulizer with USB port, power bank 2 ports or portable bluetooth speaker. You can receive 1 gift that the casino offers if you meet the following conditions:

Offer 5 pick 1 gift from KUBET

Promotion period from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. Deposit at least 3 times or more with a total deposit over 5,000,000 VND

Members who meet the conditions, please register to receive gifts before December 21, 2020.

20% bonus for first time deposit

For this package, it is applied to those of you who have just registered a KUBET member account and made the first deposit payment. You will receive 20% of the deposit value and the maximum bonus is 588 points (corresponding to 588,000 VND).

Exclusive 20% bonus for first time deposit customers

And here are the conditions that you need to meet to receive the KUBET promotion. Specifically:

  • You will receive the promotion within 24 hours from the first deposit to your KUBET account. If it is more than 24 hours, you will no longer be able to receive the reward from this offer.
  • You should remember that you are not allowed to bet before receiving the promotion.

If you receive the bonus when withdrawing, you must meet the following conditions:

Valid bets = (deposit + bonus) x (bet multiple) => to be eligible for withdrawal.

10% bonus for the 2nd deposit customer

This is a KUBET promotion package for those of you who make a 2nd deposit on KUBET’s official website. When you make the second deposit, the casino will give you 10% of the top-up card value. Specifically:

Conditions apply:

  • The program is for players who deposit from 1,000,000 or more (1 point)
  • The maximum bonus level of this offer is 588 points (equivalent to 588,000 VND).

Conditions for withdrawing money when receiving the promotion:

After receiving the offer, the valid bet must reach (deposit + bonus) x (bet multiple) before you can withdraw the bonus. Case 1: If you deposit less than 5880 points (5,880,000 VND). Valid bet = (bet + bonus points) x 10.

Instructions on how to receive promotions at KUBET 

You can proceed to receive promotional rewards by following these steps:

Step 1: First, please perform the operation to access the reputable website of the casino.

Step 2: Then click on the “register” item on the KUBET login interface to open an account.

Step 3: Immediately after the registration interface appears. Then you need to fill in all the information required by the system. And finally click on “Send” to receive the promotion.

Step 4: Then proceed to register an account according to the instructions of the casino system.

Step 5: And finally, finish your registration and start experiencing online betting games at KUBET.


Above are detailed information about KUBET promotions for your reference. Hope the above article will bring many useful things to you bettors. I Hope you will have a very memorable experience with online betting games at KUBET.


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