regular sex
regular sex

Sex is not only a physiological need but also an indispensable “spice” to make a couple’s relationship more passionate and cohesive. Not to mention, if “sex” is done regularly and safely, it will bring many health benefits. So what is the effect of regular sex, and how is it good for health?

Experts say that having a healthy sex life will help both men and women stay healthy, stay young, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and have many other benefits.

What are the benefits of regular sex in both sexes?

There are seven benefits listed to answer the question of what regular sex does, including:

  1. Reduce stress, fatigue

Stress relief is one of the essential benefits of regular sex. Accordingly, frequent sex leads to the growth of cells in the hippocampus (hippocampus) – responsible for controlling stress levels. It stimulates the body to produce more dopamine, oxytocin (also known as the love hormone), and especially endorphins (or happiness hormone). All three of these hormones act as natural sedatives, reducing fatigue and pain perception in the brain. In addition, endorphins also calm the central nervous system, increasing the feeling of happiness.

  1. Regular sex has the effect of improving insomnia.

Many experts believe that if you want to sleep better, you should have sex regularly because, after orgasm, the human body secretes a significant amount of the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress and creates a feeling of deep relaxation.

Not to mention, for men, the benefit of sex is that it increases prolactin, causing the body to fall asleep.

In women, estrogen levels will increase after sex, increasing the cycle of REM (short for Rapid Eye Movement – meaning rapid eye movement), which is an important stage of sleep. The lack of REM sleep will make the brain less active and increase the likelihood of psychological problems such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression.

  1. What is the effect of regular sex? Boost your immune health

One of the exciting benefits of finding out what regular sex can do is its role in improving immunity. According to a report from researchers at Wilkes University in the United States, the bodies of couples who have sex regularly twice a week have 30% higher levels of IgA antibodies (Immunoglobulin A) than those who have sex. people who do not have regular sex. IgA is an antibody formed from the cytoplasm and B lymphocytes help the immune system detect and inactivate foreign agents that enter the body, such as viruses and bacteria. However, this is not the primary method to strengthen resistance.

  1. What is the effect of regular sex? It is blood pressure regulation and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Sex also stimulates the body to excrete adrenaline. This substance has the effect of stimulating heart contractions, promoting blood circulation, and relaxing arteries. The appearance of adrenaline also explains why you often feel nervous and impatient during sex. The more frequent intercourse, the more adrenaline is excreted. Therefore, people with a safe and healthy sex lifestyle are often less likely to experience cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, high blood pressure, heart failure, etc. 

Besides adrenalin, the hormones mentioned when finding out what regular sex does, such as dopamine, oxytocin, or endorphins, also inhibit cortisol. These two main agents cause nervous tension, impede blood circulation, and increase pressure on the heart.

  1. Regular sex helps you stay younger and more extended.

It is probably the benefit of having sex for both women and men. Research on the effects of regular sex by the Department of Clinical Neurology, Royal Edinburgh Hospital in the UK in 2017 has shown that moderate sex helps both sexes become younger than their actual age. From 5 to 7 years old.

In addition to improving appearance, sexual activity is like a form of physical activity that helps maintain a healthy, fit body. Statistics show that if you have sex about three times/week for 15 minutes/time, you have burned about 7,500 calories in a year corresponding to 120km running. Regular sex will contribute to positively reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the biceps, hips, and hips.

  1. Women’s Bladder Control

Regular sex is considered a valuable exercise for your pelvic floor muscles. Each time you have an orgasm during sex, it causes contractions in these muscles, which in turn help strengthen the functions of the pelvic floor.

  1. Sex as a form of exercise

A person having sex will use about five calories per minute. Therefore, you should spend more of your time on regular sexual activities, similar to the time spent on exercise. Consistency will help maximize the benefits of sex on health.

What are the benefits of regular sex, and how is sex good for health?

So you already know what regular sex does. These effects only come into play when couples know how to have sex safely and scientifically. So how should you have sex to be safe and healthy? Please read on to find out!

The frequency of intercourse depends heavily on factors such as age, physical condition, and physiological needs. You must listen to your body, feelings, and partner’s or consult a doctor/specialist to choose the right frequency.

  • The time of making love should last about 20-30 minutes; avoiding “love” for too long can easily lead to labor.
  • Take safety protection measures (such as using condoms and birth control pills…) to prevent unwanted pregnancy and transmission of dangerous social diseases.
  • Couples should proactively check their health periodically to detect potential problems early and have timely solutions.

Once it is clear what regular sex does, the cupid boutique blog hopes you will inspire to build a safe and healthy sex life and increase the connection for a happy couple. If you want to find a sex toy store, please visit to cupidboutique blog for answers!


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