The primary step to choosing suitable eyeglasses is to identify the shape of your face and then select the right frame for your face. Every face shape has different frame types that suit and amp the personality. 

Choose the right color which compliments your skin tone and enhances it. Choosing the right color is not that difficult, and if you have a warm skin tone, go for colors such as pink, red, and tan. Similarly, choose gray, blue, and black if you have a cool skin tone.

You need to identify what your lifestyle means and how you spend your life. Only then can you choose what kind of frame is suitable for you. Choosing the right frame enhances your personality, which requires selecting the correct shape, color, and pattern.  

Frames for Different Face Shapes  

Everyone has different face shapes, and not all frames match the facial features. 

  • Heart-Shaped Face- Frames that balance the narrowness of your chin with the width of your forehead is ideal.
  • Square-Shaped Face- Frames that fit on the bridge of your nose and soften the angularity would be best for a square-shaped face. 
  • Diamond Shaped Face– Frames that are wider than cheekbones and play up narrow forehead are suitable for diamond shapes, such as cat eyes and overalls frames.
  • Round Shaped Face- Frames that make your face look slimmer and longer enhance your appearance.
  • Oval-Shaped Face- A frame that fits on the face must have to fit in the nose bridge, which is wider and geometrical in shape are suitable for an oval shape face. 

Choose Color As Per Your Skin Tone

Cool skin tone- If your skin tone has a blue or pinkish undertone, you should go with dark frame shades like blue, purple, black, and gray.

Warm skin tone – If you have a golden, yellow, light color complexion of your skin, you must go for frame colors like pink, green, and red.

Tips for Choosing Eyeglasses for Working Professionals

  • They enhance your professional look.
  • Use traditional frames like oval or rectangular.
  • Use colors like silver, gold, black, and brown.
  • Don’t wear light colors or funky or unusual plastic frames. 

Eyeglasses for Students

You need to look stylish and cool when you are a student or in college. So show off your styles and go for trendy and vibrant frames that come in bright colors, matching your vibes. 

Vincent chase frames and glasses

You can get a wide range of frames online, but Vincent chase frames are the finest option for you as they come in different shapes. Also, the build quality is so perfect for you.

Vincent chase glasses & frames have strong build quality, are very durable, and come at a reasonable price, so anyone can go for them.

They provide the glasses with UV rays protection and are polarized, which protects your eyes. Moreover, you can wear it for long periods.

  • It provides the glasses in many color tints. 
  • It is very comfortable and lightweight in use. 
  • It is scratch-resistant, well built, and sturdy. 
  • It comes at a reasonable price as compared to other brands.  

Benefits of Buying Glasses Online

Purchasing the glasses online provides many benefits, as mentioned below:-

  • Save Money– By purchasing glasses online, you coiled save cash and other expenses like paying more prices in offline retails
  • Get More Options – By choosing the online method, you can get thousands of frames to choose from.
  • Free Try-On – We all know that glasses will look far different than on screen, and no one wants to waste their precious time and money on something which may not look good. There is a try-on tool option where you can upload your pictures and see all frames in your 3D model image.
  • Time-Saving Deal – By purchasing online, you can save enough of your time. You can easily navigate frames, colors, and material, choose what you like and then enter your address details and that’s it. You don’t have to go anywhere as the glasses will be delivered to you just with some clicks. 
  • Comments & Ratings – These are crucial parts of purchasing glasses online, where you get the correct information about the product from other users and buyers. So based on your understanding, you can decide whether it is worth buying.
  • Offer with Discounts – Choosing the online method gives you more discounts than going to the store as you can always get some valuable deals and discounts on frames and glasses while buying from online websites. 
  • Exchange and returns- You can return or exchange the glasses right away. If you don’t like it, you can opt for an exchange or return option, and there is no cost for that as it’s all free and a part of their services.  
  • Speedy Delivery to your doorstep – You don’t have to wait for long as your product will get delivered to your doorstep in 3-4 days maximum.


Based on our research, we got the best and finest eyeglasses brand, Lenskart. They provide frames for all face shapes and offer the quality Vincent chase frames that are the best option to choose if you are planning to buy eyewear. They have easy try-on options, so you can see which frame looks good on you. Their frame build quality is very high and durable, and light-weighted. They offer frame colors that are suitable for all skin tone types.


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