Aerosol consists of a fine liquid or solid spray of particles that stay suspended in the air, known as a propellant. The propellant is the inert substance, while fog and smoke are the natural aerosols.

Pharmaceutical aerosols are suspended fine particles of medicine or drug that are kept inside a container under pressure and released in the form of a fine spray when the button is pressed. 

There are different types of pharma aerosol cans, and there are different uses for them. We will first go through the different types of these aerosols and then consider their uses. 

What are the different types of pharma/ medicine aerosol cans?

Generally, the pharma aerosols are kept in inhalers: the MDIs and the DPIs. MDIs are the Metered Dose inhalers, and DPIs are Dry Powder Inhalers; both deliver a specific amount of drug to your lungs through the pulmonary tracks over the external surface of your body parts. 

These products are used to treat lung diseases characterized by an obstruction of airflow and shortness of breath. This includes asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. 

What are the uses of Pharma aerosol cans?

The administration of these drugs from the aerosols is very easy. These cans can be applied straight away over the affected parts, or the irritated skin is brought to introduction to the body passages and cavity. When they are sprayed on the skin, a part of the propellants cools down the tissue because of the sudden expansion of this propellant. 

And hence the pharma aerosols also have a broad range of applications. They are used in the treatment of patients because of the beneficial effect on other forms of dosage. It is used highly effectively in treating asthma and COPD. 

These aluminium aerosol cans are used in:

  • Nasal sprays, vitamin gel, syrups, inhalers
  • Odour removers based on enzymes 
  • Wound sprays and gels 
  • Dental products 
  • Eye contact ultrasonic gel and lens products 

These sprays can save lives and be the major source of someone’s breathing. The pressure filling method of these aerosol cans includes a concentrated product placed in the container and closing the lid using the valve. The products are maintained at a temperature slightly lower than the boiling point. And when the propellant is filled in, it gets liquefied inside the container. 

Last Word:

The field of these pharma aluminium aerosol cans is growing rather quickly. These products are helping people with certain illnesses. With the explosive growth of inhaled items also comes a dire need for scientists and engineers that carry out research, manufacturing, and development of these products. So by these methods, aerosol cans can be used in the pharma/ Medicine industry.

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