A common problem with the air conditioning system is a frozen pipe. Possible causes of the problem include restricted airflow across the evaporator coils.

Don’t freak out if you think your AC pipe may be frozen. It may only be a minor problem that you can fix on your own or with the help of air conditioner experts like Air Conditioning & Heating Repair | Top HVAC Long Island

 When the temperature inside is rising in the middle of the summer, finding a frozen refrigerant line for the air conditioner outdoors can be extremely frustrating. Here are some facts concerning frozen AC pipes. 

Causes of Frozen Air Conditioning

However, if there is a problem with your AC system, the heat exchange process may be limited, which will reduce the amount of heat that is absorbed by your evaporator coil, leading to the formation of ice on the coils. The refrigerant pipe may eventually become covered in ice. Your AC won’t cool the room, even though it is operating.

Various underlying issues can lead to a frozen AC line, are:

  •  When your evaporator coils become excessively cold, it causes your AC lines to freeze 
  • The buildup of dirt on the coils  
  • Clogged AC vents
  • Obstructed air filters
  • Blower fan malfunction
  • Collapsed air ducts
  • Low levels of refrigerant

 Regardless of the root of the problem, there are a few steps you can take to get your air conditioner back in working order. 

What To Do If Your AC Pipe Freezes

Switch it off

The first thing you should typically do if you find a frozen AC pipe is to turn off the AC system and let it fully defrost. You can examine the airflow to determine if there is a clog once it has been defrosted.

Activate the fan’s ON setting

The inside fan of your air conditioner is made to continuously blast warm air over its frozen coils by turning on the fan. This will hasten the thawing of the ice.

Examine the air filters for dirt

A filthy filter is one of the factors that can result in a frozen pipe in your air conditioning system. After shutting off the system, immediately check the filter if you notice that your AC pipe is frozen. It might already be filthy. The evaporator coils freeze when the airflow across them is reduced by a filthy filter. Consider replacing the filter with a fresh one if you discover it to be soiled or blocked.

Look over the coils and fins

You can check the cooling fins surrounding the evaporator for dirt and grime and gently clean them with a soft brush after inspecting them. Additionally, make sure that every supply register in every room in your house is open. If they are clogged, they may likely hinder airflow, which will impact the evaporator’s temperature.

Examine the coolant level

Additionally, you can check to see if your coolant level is low. If there is a problem with the coolant, your AC is likely to freeze because it regulates how cool your home is. Any home improvement store will sell a coolant installation kit if all you want to do is check the refrigerant levels. However, you should think about hiring a technician for an AC repair or servicing if you observe a refrigerant leak in the system.


Any of the aforementioned causes for frozen air conditioners necessitate professional maintenance. Without a professional’s assistance, there may be further issues that you can’t fix.

Whatever you do, do not let ice buildup on the refrigerant coils cause your system to continue operating. If the issue persists after trying the advice in this article, get assistance.


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