Whether you are a large corporation or a private citizen, you may find yourself needing to use shipping containers at some point. Maybe you have a shipping container home you need to transport across the country or you’re just trying to get your temporary storage hauled down the street. You might even have a POD storage unit full of your personal belongings waiting to be moved to your new home. Whatever the reason may be, the cost to deliver one of these moving containers can be a rather big expense.

The shipping process alone can pose a serious logistical problem that can quickly turn into a nightmare if you aren’t familiar with the shipping process. Also, you can prefer Shipping Containers For Sale which help to manage your shipping business.

So, what does it cost to transport a shipping container in 2022? While the cost can vary, on average it will cost between $1-$4 per mile to haul a shipping container depending on the size of the container and the distance it needs to travel.  

While there are many companies out there that provide containers as well as container shipping, you should be familiar with the process before you jump in head first. There’s no reason this can’t be a smooth and easy process.

We have put this article together in an attempt to answer all of your container transport questions.

Moving A Shipping Container Across Your Property

If you have a home with a shipping container on the property, you may at some point need to move the container to a new location around your home.

Can I just move it myself? Technically you could, but it won’t be easy. Shipping containers aren’t light weight. A 20 foot container can easily weigh 5,000 pounds. Even if you try to remove everything from the inside first you still would be unlikely to move the container across your yard without the right equipment. 

Your best option really is to just hire someone to move the container for you. This usually ranges from $500-$1,000 depending on your location. This is usually much better than ripping up your yard or damaging your vehicle by trying to move the container yourself. 

If you have one of those POD style containers you can first check with the company and see what they would charge you to move your container for you. The company would likely prefer to move the container themselves anyway. 

If you were to try and move it across your property yourself, you would need some type of high lift jack with metal rollers, and a flatbed with a winch. This would allow you to slowly pull the container to a new location. This method is really only suitable for 20 foot containers however. A forklift is another option but most people don’t have access to one or the ability to operate it properly.

PODS make it easy for you to move anywhere. You give them some basic information and they provide customized quotes. From here you can calculate a budget and get started. If you happen to own your shipping container, you will need a truck capable of hauling the additional weight with an appropriate chassis. Unless you have a powerful enough truck, you are better off using a transport company to handle the job. 

As previously mentioned, the average rate to move a shipping container is between $1-$4 per mile. A larger city will be more likely to have a local company available with heavy haulers compared to a smaller city. If you end up having to bring someone in from out of town for the job it will end up costing more. 

This will surely be worth it compared to handling this yourself, especially if you don’t have the right type of equipment or experience required for the job.      


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