Do you want to rent a storage unit? Choosing a suitable storage unit for your needs can be arduous, especially if renting one for the first time from convenient and secure facilities like One Stop Self Storage. If you rent an inadequate storage unit, you’ll have little space for your belongings, and if you rent more than you need, you’ll incur additional costs. Worse, you may not use all of the space.

But don’t worry. This post should give you some breathing space(no pun intended) before looking for suitable storage space. It includes a storage space size guide to help you choose a room that best suits your needs.

Create A List

Before deciding on a suitable storage unit, determine what you want to store. If necessary, determine the square footage of all items. Assuming you will not achieve this, you should consider the number of rooms you need for storage. Is it a single room? A one-bedroom apartment? Is the storage room for your small business inventory?

Often self-storage rooms are 6 feet tall, whether the size of a large closet or large enough to fit everything in your home. That said, depth and width measurements are usually in 5-foot increments. Use these guidelines to determine a size that approximates the arrangement of the items you want to store. Clever stacking can save you a lot of space.

Below is a size guide to follow;

1. Self-Storage Lockers

Self-storage lockers are suitable for storing smaller items and boxes. Standard lockers are 5 feet by 5 feet, stackable with adjacent lockers for a robust pace, and are usually conveniently positioned at entrances. Self-storage cabinets are great for the storage of:

  • Collections of CDs
  • Dorm supplies (except furniture)
  • Seasonal clothing items

2. Small Self-Storage Facilities

The tiniest self-storage facilities are usually cabinets about half the height of a standard storage unit. Smaller units can fill up with a load from a single vehicle. They’re about the size of lockers, but then they’re as tall as more enormous closets – about the size of a standard closet. They may not hold the furniture of an entire room, but they can keep small furniture and numerous boxes. Such storage rooms are a good alternative if you’re in college and need to store your items during the summer or if you want to get rid of your Christmas decorations.

These small self-storage facilities are ideal for storing the following items:

  • Seasonal decorations and furniture
  • Full-size mattresses
  • Massive collectibles
  • Items from your student housing, such as small pieces of furniture

3. Self-Storage Facilities Of Medium Size

Medium-sized self-storage facilities are more extensive than standard storage facilities but have a smaller capacity than one-room garages. They will most likely be loaded with a small moving truck or trailer. They are ideal if you want to make room for long-term visitors or accommodate a small apartment or studio.

If you need to store king- or queen-size mattresses, you should opt for at least medium-sized storage units. Medium-sized storage rooms are also suitable for motorcycles storage. Self-storage units in small-medium sizes are typically 5 feet by 10 feet. They are ideal for decluttering the home to free up space by removing unnecessary furniture such as mattresses, dressers or toy boxes. Choose smaller, medium storage units if you want to store;

  • Your kitchen chairs and tables 
  • Seasonal goods such as clothing and decorations
  • Belongings to your one-bedroom apartment
  • Motorcycle

4. Self-Storage Facilities Of Large Medium Size

These facilities are typically 10 feet by 10 feet and can hold the belongings of a small home. They’re ideal for individuals who’ve just undergone a difficult move, extensive renovations, or a transition to a minimalist lifestyle. Large mid-sized boxes are also great for businesses and commercial storage spaces. It would be best if you stored spare equipment and excess inventory in areas that provide adequate space for security and accessibility. These large, medium storage cabinets are ideal for storing;

  • The belongings of a typical single-family home
  • Electronics
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Pianos

5. Large Self Storage Facilities

The most extensive self-storage facilities come in handy whenever you need to store your belongings, or at least the most oversized item, such as a vehicle. In these facilities, you can keep everything you bring in large moving vans or a car. These storage units are typically 20 feet by 10 feet and can hold your belongings between closings during major home moves or major remodels. The dimensions allow you to strategically place your belongings, with ventilation and aisles for easy access.

If you’re a large business, consider these units for inventory, replacement furniture, equipment, and other purposes. Depending on what you want to store, you can also turn to climate-controlled self-storage facilities. Large storage units are ideal for keeping the following items:

  • The contents of a large home
  • Household appliances
  • Unusual, unusual items
  • Automobiles and small boats 
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Commercial warehouses

If you are considering renting space, it is advisable to call the company so they can explain their amenities and give you a price in advance.


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