A gorgeous yard filled with healthy trees is every homeowner’s dream. And to ensure that the trees stay healthy around the year, it is always advisable to hire a certified tree service provider. These trained tree service providers know how to properly maintain trees so that they not only beautify your home but also strive in the local community as an asset. From pruning and removing large trees to diagnosing different diseases and maintaining their health, these professionals possess the right knowledge for proper tree care services. Are you looking for a certified arborist in your area? How do you differentiate between a phony and a legit one? Searching for a professional tree care service provider can land you in a sea of results. Hence it becomes a difficult task to find a legit certified arborist who not only knows what he is doing but also possesses the right certifications and credentials to perform tree care services. In this article, we will talk about certain signs to find out if your tree care service provider is authentic or not.

Signs To Show That Your Tree Service Provider Is Legit:

Check for the right licenses and credentials

Although it might seem like simple basic information, you should always check the credentials and licenses of any professional service before hiring them. The right set of licenses and credentials always indicates that a company cares about its clients as well as its employees. For starters, they should be ISA certified and should possess knowledge of the latest methods and technology of arboriculture. Even though some members might not have all the certifications, the crew leader along with other key personnel should definitely have their documentation ready.

Check for insurance policies

Make sure that the tree service provider that you are hiring has the appropriate workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance in place. Since some companies might practice fraudulent policies, you should talk to the insurance carrier for better clarification. The tree service insurance agency should not shy away from sharing the insurance documents directly with you. In case of an accident, if the company does not have proper licenses then you will be held liable and might have to face potential lawsuits. Moreover, in case of fraudulent insurance practices, you might have to end up paying for all the potential damage to your property.

Check the company’s reputation

Check for the reputation of the tree service provider within your local community. You can also look up positive online reviews in a variety of places and check if the company is a member of reputable organizations like The International Society of Arboriculture. You should also review the company’s operational years and how long they have been in the business. Look for any kind of complaints in local discussion groups and forums. You can also ask for references directly from the company and talk to their past clients who have availed of their services. You should always be wary of a company that hides its past clients.

Check for safety equipment and the latest tools

Just because a guy has a step ladder and a chainsaw, he does not become an arborist overnight. A certified arborist should be able to handle complicated tree maintenance services which go far beyond simply planting, cutting, and removing trees. The art and science that are involved in tree care services are only known to certified professionals. Check if the tree care company provides all the safety gear and state-of-art equipment to their employees for the job or not. As per Better Business Bureau, homeowners should never hire door-to-door tree contractors as they are most likely looking to scam people and get away with their money by abandoning the project midway.

Always stay vigilant of false pricing

If the tree care service prices sound too good to be true, chances are it is a scam. Even though we love affordable bargains, if a tree care service provider is giving you a very low price than its competition, it is maybe because they don’t have proper certifications and licenses, they have no experience, or they don’t intend to complete the job with efficiency.

As soon as the mercury drops and we feel a chill in the air, many homeowners start approaching tree care service providers to protect their gardens or yards from heavy snowfall and the chilly temperature. While there are a lot of good arborists, there is also no scarcity of scam artists who will knock on your door and offer too good-to-be-true services. These inexperienced and unlicensed arborists often go after unsuspecting homeowners who fail to see all the red flags and break the bank. Just like every other profession, tree care service providers should also stay up to date with the latest arboriculture techniques and practices along with maintaining their certifications and licenses. Hence you should always be vigilant and avoid falling into a tree service scam by following the above steps.


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