What is a Bong Percolator

Bong Percolator

A bong percolator is also called a water pipe that percolates the cannabis smoke to make it easier to inhale. Bong percolators have been around almost as long as people have been smoking cannabis. You can buy bong percolators almost anywhere that cannabis products are sold. 

There are different types of bong percolators that you can buy. You can buy freeze pipe percolators to complete your collection. You will want this type of bong percolator in your collection.

This article will give a little information about bong percolators, what they do and where you can find them. You can also do your own research to get more information so that you are up to date on them. There is a lot of information that you can find online.

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What is a Bong Percolator?

A percolator can look intimidating and complicated, but it can actually make your bong simpler to hit. A percolator is just a small glass part that lets water pass through as a sort of filter. Using a bong percolator allows the smoke to be diffused into many bubbles that can make that classic sound you are used to when smoking from a bong. The bubbles make the surface area that the smoke travels giving it enough time to filter the impurities and cool it down. This can lead to less coughing and more pleasure from the smoke.

If you have never used a bong before, you might want to consider a bong percolator because it will be less harsh on your throat. A bong percolator, or perc, is also a great addition to your bong collection because it is highly cost effective. You can look here for more information. You can get a maximum high from bongs using a perc because it allows you to get higher from less weed. 

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Types of Percolators

Tree – The tree percolator is probably the most recognizable of all the percs. It is shaped like the limbs of an oak tree. The air will come in from a central tube and down through the rods at the bottom that are slitted and that diffuses bubbles into the bong. The more rods that you have in the percs, the better diffusing you will have. Unfortunately, this also means that it is easier to break, so make sure that the rods are thick enough to be more stable. 

Inline – This type is just a smallish horizontal tube that has many slits along the sides. Since it has more slits along the side, you will have more percolation with this type. You will usually place these percs at the base of the bong and can go along with other types of percs such as the showerhead. 

Showerhead – As the name implies, this perc is shaped the same as a showerhead. People who use bongs really like this type of perc because it has more slits to diffuse the smoke. There are holes and slits that are at the bottom where a vertical tube will flare out. This will bring the smoke into a different diffusion chamber that is above the water that is in the base. These are usually placed in the neck of the bong.

Diffused Downstem – A diffused downstem can spice up your best bong. This type of perc has many slits along the bottom of your bong to improve airflow that goes into the base of your bong. You must make sure that you get the right size of a diffused downstem to fit your bong.

Honeycomb – Honeycomb percs are flat discs that have many holes in them in a honeycomb pattern. These are usually stacked one on top of the other to create more chambers for the smoke to go through. This is the most sought after percs because the diffuse more smoke and have a better taste. 

Fritted Discs – These percs are made from coarse glass particles that are bonded together to create millions of little holes. Using these particles, you can create a disc or ball shape, among other shapes. These percs are even more powerful than the honeycomb percs. People who use this type of perc is for the more adventurous smoker who is looking for the perfect rip. These percs do need constant cleaning, though, making them a little less sought after.

Turbine – This type of perc usually goes along with the honeycomb perc. These are slabs of glass that have slits all around the edges. It appears to create a whirlwind as you inhale from the bong bringing the bubbles through it. 

How to Keep Your Bong Clean

These percs can improve your bong rips but can make your bong harder to clean. Resin will collect in all the nooks and crannies over a long period of time. If this happens, they will be useless. To prevent this from happening you must regularly clean your percs with salt and rubbing alcohol: https://smokea.com/blogs/knowledge-base/how-to-properly-clean-your-glass-bong#. You can also use a glass cleaning solution to clean them up. 

What Else Should I Know?

You will need to do more research; this list is not an all-inclusive look at all the percolators. You will need to decide what kind of bong that you want and then decide which type of percolators that you will want to go along with it. You can choose a variety that looks like you are doing scientific experiments, or you can choose ones that are much simpler. 

Bongs and percolators are personal choices that only you can make. There are so many designs that it can be difficult to choose, but you can do your research to find the ones that are perfect for you. In the end, you are looking for a combination that will create the highest form of high for you. You can choose from the varieties listed above, or you can do some more research and find some different ones. You also want to make sure that it will provide that high that you are looking for. 


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