CAT Exam

Introduction to the CAT Pattern

CAT Exam is a popular assessment paper in the country for candidates who want a degree in MBA and PGDM Courses. Conducted by the IIMs, (Indian Institute for Management) the CAT Exam is designed to test specific parts of your mental ability including Reading and Understanding skills, General Aptitude and Analytical skills. All of the Syllabus in accordance with the latest “CAT Exam Pattern 2022”.

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern

As per latest regulations from IIM Bangalore, the CAT Exam pattern is in accordance with the previous CAT 2022 Exam Pattern. CAT Patterns help in better understanding of the Exam paper and help candidates ease the burden of unfamiliar questions.

 As per the Latest CAT 2022 Exam Pattern, CAT is divided into 3 major sections i.e. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Quantitative Aptitude (Quants), Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation (LIDR). In the CAT Exam Sections are divided into:-

  • VARC has 24 questions with a weightage of 72 marks each
  • DILR has 22 questions with a weightage of 60 marks each 
  • QA has 22 questions with a weightage of 66 marks each

Below is then table highlighting all important facets of the CAT 2022 Exam Pattern

Mode of CAT examOnline (Computer based) 
Total Number of Questions66
Total Number of Marks 198
Name of SectionsVARC (Verbal Ability and Reading comprehension)QA (Quantitative Ability)DILR (Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation)
Total Time Allotted for each section40 minutes 53 minutes 20 seconds for PwD candidates
CAT Marking Scheme (+3) for every right answer(-1) for every wrong answer in MCQsNo negative marking for non-MCQs
CAT Time SlotsMorning 8:30 to 10:30Afternoon 12:30 to 2:30Evening 4:30 to 6:30
Language of Question PaperEnglish

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern Changes 

CAT Exam patterns have had little to no changes with the exception of the 2021 CAT Exam. The exam conducting authority of that particular year (IIM Ahmedabad) retained the whole pattern of CAT 2020 with the mere exception of the number of questions. The Total number of questions in CAT 2021 was changed from 76 to 66.

Changes before CAT 2022 Exam pattern included Totality of Questions and increased time limit of the same. Before 2020, CAT included 100 Questions and a time limit of 180 minutes  (60 minutes for each section), and PwD candidates had an additional time limit of 20 minutes per section but after the recent guidelines it was revised to be 13 minutes 20 seconds.

CAT Exam Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few things to keep in mind considering the CAT 2022 Exam Pattern that might help first individuals appearing  for their first  CAT Exam :

  • An onscreen is provided by the authority for computation in the exam
  • On screen clock is available for time management during CAT exam
  • Rough paper will be given by the invigilators, which then has to be submitted back to the examination department.
  • Candidates have to sit at their designated seats, if found sitting elsewhere they will be debarred from writing the exam.
  • Switching sections in between attempting the CAT is not allowed 

CAT 2022 Exam Pattern FAQs

Q. Will CAT 2022 be postponed?

A. The CAT 2022 will be conducted in online mode on 27 November 2022, and right now there are no updates on exam postponement.

Q. Can I select my Time slot for the CAT 2022 exam?

A. Candidates are allotted time slots according to the city preference entered upon the time of registration. The decision for allocation of time slots is independent of the choice of candidate(i.e. candidates cannot decide time slots they are given)

Q. Is there any Negative Marking for CAT 2022?

A. CAT 2022 Exam Pattern has negative marking only available on Multiple Choice Questions. There is no further deduction in marks done.

Q. Am I eligible to attempt the CAT in the final year of my graduation?

A. Candidates can attempt to write CAT in the final year of their graduation however they need to produce the issue statement of marks provided by the university in the last statement of exam.

Q. I provided some wrong information by mistake at the time of registration for the CAT 2022 exam. Am I allowed to retry?

A. In case you have made wrong attempts at filling out the CAT 2022 form you have to register again with a new E-mail ID and attempt the exam with the same ID. Your previous credentials will still remain with the exam conducting authority but it won’t be a cause for trouble.

Q. What is the section-wise time distribution for CAT 2022 ?

A. Section wise time distribution for CAT 2022 Exam Pattern is 

  • 40 minutes per section for Normal Candidates
  • 53 Minutes 20 seconds for PwD candidates (an additional 13 minutes 20 seconds per section)

Q. What assessment strategy do I need to prepare for the CAT?
A. Solving the CAT Previous Year Question Paper will help a lot in assessing your strengths and weaknesses. In addition to that, it will get you worked up for the exam.


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