a degree or diploma in Canada

Canada has long been a favorable destination for international students looking to pursue higher education. Every year, students from various parts of the world take admission in different Canadian cities to pursue their professional dreams.

This country offers everything from high quality education to an excellent quality of life with an added benefit of brilliant job opportunities. Whether you go for an undergraduate degree in Canada or opt for a diploma, you will have a higher scope of career progression.

Being a developed nation with a robust educational system and thriving business hub, Canada can help you achieve professional success easily. You will find a good number of degree and diploma programs here and you can choose from the two options based on your preference.

Diploma programs in Canada

Diploma is among the most popular programs in Canada because they offer valuable knowledge in a shorter time frame of 1-2 years. This allows students to achieve specialization in a field that they have selected. Additionally, they have the choice to combine two one-year courses as well to gain an edge in their education.

Students keen to opt for a diploma from Canada need to have a required grade as per the admission criteria of the university. Diploma programs come with a lot of advantages as they can be earned in a smaller time period, are affordable and allow you to immediately become a part of the business world. What that means is that once you have a diploma in a specific field, you are eligible to work and can apply for a good entry level job with established companies.

Degree programs in Canada

The other kind of program that you can opt for is the degree program that has a longer tenure of 3-4 years, or longer, depending on the type of degree. You can earn a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree depending on your own personal preference. While degrees do stretch for a longer duration, they provide students with in-depth understanding of a subject or stream. Degree programs do cost more than a diploma program and are more suited to those who want to invest time and money into their education.

A degree will make you highly proficient and eligible for a vast variety of job roles. If students opt for a master’s or doctorate degree then they will become specialist in their field. The structure of a degree program is vast and contains detailed knowledge of each essential topic which adds more value to a degree. The only set back is that while diploma allows you to easily enter the business field and apply your learning to work, with a degree, you have to wait for a longer time to enter the workforce.

Which is better?

The degree and the diploma program are each equally useful and valuable. Should you opt for a diploma or you should invest in a degree? To decide on that you have to understand your own requirements from the program. Which of the two fit in your budget better and what is your ultimate goal? If you are eager to enter the workforce and earn then diploma is way more suitable. Later you can always go back and add to your qualification with another diploma or even a degree. Though, if your goal is to build on your learning then a degree will help you gain in-depth knowledge.


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