Vacuums have come a long way- not just in design but in functionality. Today, you don’t have to drag a plastic hose with a clumsy Galapagos tortoise-shaped canister. There is no need to step off your couch! Robot vacuum cleaners are here to help you dispose of pet hair, dirt debris and dust without requiring human involvement. 

The best part of these robot vacuums is their self-cleaning ability, autonomous nature and intelligence. They operate on the latest cleaning technology, motherboards, laser sensors and smart home and Wi-Fi connectivity to navigate around the place. You just have to set their cleaning schedules on their apps or manually to ensure timely cleaning. 

While you will find many robot vacuum cleaners, self-cleaning versions have emerged as the ideal ones. But how can you pick one that would suit your requirements? We have listed some options to let you pick the right self-cleaning robot vacuum:

1. Viomi Alpha 3

They are referred to as one of the best self-cleaning robotic cleaners. Viomi Alpha 3 perates on an auto self-cleaning dock, smart vibration mopping, hot air drying and LDS laser navigation system. The smart technology directs the vacuum cleaner to complete cleaning and return to its base station to clean the mop. The owner does not need to remove and clean its parts manually. 

Viomi Alpha 3 has a reciprocating hanging & scrubbing mechanism of the washboard that can deeply scrub and clean the mop from all dirt. Meanwhile, its electrolyzed water kills bacteria and germs to maintain good health in the house. 

Another amazing feature of this self-cleaning robot vacuum is its auto-drying at 50°. It makes sure that no water is left on the mop to prevent mildew, odour and bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of secondary pollution. 

2. Ecovacs Deebot X1 OMNI

Ecovas Deebot X1 has emerged as one of the most expensive robot cleaners in the market. It follows a 2-step cleaning process- vacuuming and mopping, which makes sure no dirt or debris remains on the floor. Its self-cleaning ability allows users to focus on other important tasks instead of keeping an eye on the mop when it needs cleaning. 

Moreover, Ecovacs X1 OMNI doubles its performance as it gets signals from two-way audio, a security camera and an in-built voice assistant. 

3. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro

Best known for its self-emptying and anti-collision, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro offers the next level of cleaning and efficiency. Its 3-in-1 cleaning system and amazing 4000Pa Suction ensure spotless cleaning. It can take out all debris, dirt and even pet hair from all areas, particularly those that are hard to reach. 

The best part is its laser sensors can detect carpets and initiate a suction boost that increases the strength to vacuum the carpets and floor. Meanwhile, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro’s auto-dumping system eliminates the need for secondary pollution. Its carefree and dust-free cleaning is ideal for hyper-allergic people. In the end, the triple filtering system takes good care of the environment by restricting pollutants from entering the house. 

4. iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550)

As the smartest standalone self-cleaning robot vacuum, iRobot Roomba j7+ has an AI-integrated system and a built-in camera with sensors to detect obstacles. It can easily find a way to clean the area without getting close to any item on the floor- be it shoes, power cables, pet waste, towels, clothing etc.

Its suction system takes out all dirt particles from corners, edges and even below the furniture and couches without disturbance. Its self-emptying feature notifies when the dustbin is full and needs to be cleaned. Users don’t have to be attentive or follow the robot vacuum to prevent waste from falling out. 

5. Viomi Robot Vacuum Alpha (S9)

This self-cleaning robot vacuum prides itself on providing a 30-day carefree cleaning experience. Its Y-type mopping pattern simulates manual cleaning while the 2-in-1 cleaning, i.e. sweeping and mopping, handles dust and stains effortlessly. 

The LDS technology is responsible for making its auto-dumping a plus, where the user doesn’t have to spend time removing dirt and cleaning the dustbin. It simply notifies when the dust bag is full, and the user only has to replace it with a new one in order to let in complete the entire cleaning. 


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