To ensure the reliability and safety of a blockchain, its most potent guarantee is the consensus process. For the system to operate effectively, participants should have the liberty to join the network, help maintain it without requiring authorization, and be rewarded with a fair portion of the value generated.

The MASS consensus engine aims to become the primary framework for all blockchain consensus layers by creating a permissionless, fair, secure, energy-efficient, and universal consensus layer. This is achieved through a Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol that maintains the fundamental security of the public chain. The MASS consensus engine’s universality allows any number of public chains to receive consensus services without requiring permission, and the protocol uses storage capacity to enable participation by anyone. Additionally, the MASS consensus engine’s fairness and energy efficiency make it accessible to everyone, as it only requires a minimal amount of processing resources.

MASS Net, a public chain, is the first to use the MASS consensus engine. The MASS consensus engine serves as the value anchor and store of value on MASS Net, with both being denominated in MASS.

The MASS token serves as the value anchor for the MASS consensus engine and is also a store of value within the MASS Net.

History of Massnet (MASS)

MASS was established by the MASS community in 2017, which is a non-profit organization that aims to introduce blockchain technology to a broader audience with the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives and creating a fairer society. The MASS group is dedicated to raising awareness about blockchain technology.

What is the Price of MASS Tokens?

The total number of MASS coins in circulation is 98,026,147, with a maximum supply of 206,438,400 coins. On January 23, 2021, the highest price recorded for MASS was $1.89. As of writing, the market capitalization of MASS stands at 512,933, and the MASS coin price is $0.00525. The 24-hour trading volume for the coin is $74,408.

Where You Can Buy MASS?

To view the trading pairs that are available, type “MASS” into the MEXC Global search field.

A comprehensive instruction on how to purchase MASS token is also available.

How Does MASS work?

The MASS community is making steady progress through ongoing online communication and collaboration, supplemented by occasional offline events. The community welcomes all experts with knowledge in computer science, social sciences, economics, finance, or entrepreneurship who share our goals. We value team players who bring fresh perspectives and possess excellent communication skills. To ensure that new members are competent enough to join the community, they must first receive approval from at least half of the current members. To maintain the quality of our research and implementation, the MASS community adheres to strict guidelines. Our work will eventually become open-source, increasing public knowledge of the technology and promoting future collaboration.

What problems can MASS solve?

To address the issues with PoW, MASS created and deployed a Proof-of-Capacity consensus method, which formed the foundation for our MASS Layer 0 consensus engine. To assess the effectiveness of a Layer 0 consensus process, we established a framework of desirable traits, which we consider essential for the foundation of our progress. The following are the characteristics of a good Layer 0 consensus engine according to us:

  • permissionless
  • fair
  • energy efficient
  • universal
  • secure


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