The Blue World City Islamabad is a fantastic housing community that elevates your standard of living. This brand-new housing society is located on Chakri Road in Rawalpindi, adjacent to Ring Road. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC), with the help of the Chinese Shan Jian Municipal Engineering company, is funding this upscale housing project.

Blue World City Islamabad has received approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) even though the entire formal NOC license is still awaited. The topic of profitability naturally comes up when talking about investing in Blue World City Islamabad. Therefore, purchasing a luxury home in this society is the most profitable option.

The society offers a wide range of residential plots, commercial plots, and farmhouses on flexible installation plans. You will be surprised to know that this housing project is also referred to as a Pak-China Friendly venture because Blue World City is the first private housing project being created in collaboration with a Chinese investment group.

One of Islamabad and Rawalpindi’s top property developments for investment purposes is this housing community. The following arguments will support this assertion.

 Affordable Prices of Plots:

Blue World City’s cost and rates are incredibly affordable yet provide all the needs for a comfortable living as compared to other local housing societies.

Economical installment plans

The Blue Group of Companies’ first housing project, Blue World City Islamabad, is owned by Saad Nazir.

They offer a flexible payment plan as it can be difficult for Pakistanis to come up with large amounts of money all at once. Clients can pay their costs over 3.5 years with the flexible Blue World City payment plans.

Safe, Secure, and Gated Community:

Gated communities have grown in popularity because of the many factors people look for in a housing society, including safety and security.

As a result, building gated and distinctive entrances is one of the fastest-growing real estate trends in the country.

Gated entry is another impressive aspect of Blue World City, which is constantly patrolled by a large number of security personnel and cameras.

Medium and Long-term Returns on Investments:

People hoping for quick returns on their investments often purchase land in fully established, populous societies.

However, blue world city is a superior alternative if someone wants to make a long- or medium-term investment because it has a growing housing market and the potential for rising property values.

Investment Opportunity for Every Budget:

Issues regarding budget are not a concern for those who want to invest in Blue World City Islamabad, as the society’s management is offering various investment opportunities at both high and low price levels.

Customers interested in buying real estate of any size or price range with installed services can do so. Moreover, each plot’s pricing is influenced by its area, square footage, features, and blue world city location.

Numerous Commercial Facilities:

Blue World City would provide infinite business opportunities for those who want to establish their business. Furthermore, a well-established commercial zone will attract more investors and businessmen in society, which will further enhance the value of society.

According to the master plan, The hub of the commercial growth of society will be the near Overseas and Awami Blocks.

The Commercial Zone of Blue World City was built primarily to attract residents with malls, quick food outlets, movie theatres, and sports facilities.

An International Acknowledgement:

Blue World City is one of the earliest commercial housing societies. Because of its distinctive features, national and international business vendors are drawn to the community. 

In the housing societies of Islamabad, The Blue World City Islamabad is of utmost significance. 

It symbolizes thanks and admiration for Pakistanis as well as for Pakistanis who live abroad yet are of Pakistani nationality.

Blue World City Payment Plan:

An acceptable and necessary payment schedule is the first step in the owner’s overall strategy to give the tenants a hassle-free way of life. 

Blue World City’s payment plan is designed for all socioeconomic classes of Pakistan. 

The plots are also selling out far too quickly as a result of the project’s advantageous location and broad-ranging concept. Because of the recent developments, experts anticipate that plot prices will almost probably rise shortly.


According to market experts, Blue World City is considered the top housing society for investment in twin cities because of its location and flexible payment plans.

If you are interested in long-term investment opportunities or want to buy your dream house in a world-class society, Blue World City is the place for you.

Please visit our official website for further information about the society’s booking procedure. 


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