StaStarting a new job can be exciting but trying to fit into a new team can also be a little daunting. When your new colleagues have already worked together for a while and established relationships with one another, it’s not uncommon to feel out of place and awkward when you’re trying to make a good impression. However, it’s not just about how the new employee comes across to their team members, but how the team comes across to them as well. Starting from introductory rounds, to Employee appreciation gifts, everything can make them feel welcomed. To make sure your new employee sticks around and feels happy in their new role, you have to try and make them feel welcome. Below are some ideas to help you achieve this and improve the working environment for them.

  1. Ask Someone to Buddy-up With Them

One way you can help a new employee feel more welcome is to ask a more established team member to buddy up with them in their first week. This will not only be a good way to get them talking to someone on the team, but it’s also a great opportunity for them to be shown the ropes by an individual with a bit more experience. This can help to boost their confidence and feel more comfortable asking questions if there is something that they are unsure about. They can also be introduced to other colleagues through this official buddy system and hopefully, start creating the foundations of friendly working relationships with them.

  1. Welcome Hamper

Another way you can give a warm welcome to your new team members is to arrange for a welcome hamper to be placed on their desks when they start the new role. These Sweet Hamper Company collections can be a wonderful treat, or you perhaps include some gift vouchers as a token of your gratitude that they have joined your teams. Some branded merchandise might also be a good addition to a gift hamper.

  1. Organize a Group Lunch

You could also think about arranging a team lunch one day during the first week your new employee starts in their role. Not only will this be a nice treat for the rest of the team, but it can be a good way to break the ice in a more relaxed setting. Either order some food into the office that you can all enjoy in the break room or book a table at a restaurant nearby that you all like. If you do think lunch would work for your team, then perhaps after-dinner drinks would be more suitable.

  1. Enjoy a Casual Friday Afternoon

If possible, on the Friday of their first week, see if your team can have a more casual afternoon. Organizing things like games or other team-building exercises that they can play during this time can help everyone feel more relaxed and help them get to know the new starter better. 

If you have a new team member starting at work, do what you can to make them feel welcome and more settled, and why not give the suggestions above a try?


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