KMP2 Certification

Kanban Management Professional (kmp 2 certification) is a course that favors modern organizations’ evolutionary changes. Kanban allows positive outcomes from small and logical decisions. In kanban system design training, you will gain expertise in Kanban methods and implementation. 

Is kanban system design training right for you?

It will be a valuable supplement if you have been using Agile techniques. It will help you identify and tackle some of the common challenges. 

kmp 2 certification will be a great opportunity to learn the best circumstances to use Kanban and when not to and what results to expect. 

kmp 2 certification is strongly recommended for Team Leads and Managers who are responsible for creating a high-performance work environment. Also, the Managers who want to transform their organizations and specifically Project Managers who need to know how to work with Agile and Scrum Teams. 

Who should attend?

KMP II is for Managers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Scrum Masters, Business Unit Leaders, Executive, Experienced individual contributors and Technical Experts, Consultants. 

Who should not attend kmp 2 certification

If one is purely technical and has little interest in improving processes and people who are not comfortable in group exercises and simulations. 

How will one be benefitted from this course?

Kanban System Design course is not limited to implementing a continuous cycle of improvement but this course helps in making the system go faster and more responsive. Not only this, one be able to learn ways to manage risks and governance. After the completion of this course, you enjoy the following benefits- 

  • Understand the Kanban System 
  • Practice flow in Kanban
  • Designing the Kanban system
  • Understanding the development process 
  • Rectify the interruptions occurring in the development process 
  • Apply Kanban metrics 
  • Will be able to conduct effective meetings 
  • Perform processes to work in collaboration with Managers and Team Members 

What to learn in KMP II 

After the successful completion of the Kanban System Design course, you will be able to learn the following- 

  • Design a Kanban system and guide the team in their adoption of Kanban 
  • Comprehending the basic concepts of flow, and working on improvement
  • Will be able to do multitasking 
  • Increase focus and manage priorities 
  • Design a system to manage unpredictable errors and requests for service and delivery
  • Helps in creating a workflow, information to perform work
  • Boost the Agile team performance 
  • Improves in the performance of the team members 

What are the skills associated with a Kanban Management Professional (KMP2)

Kanban experts are expected to work appropriately. The most important skills that most expert Kanban should possess are listed below-

  • Art of listening and understanding 
  • Defining policies for process 
  • Managing classes of service 
  • Alter the response system 
  • Upgrade the workflow efficiency 
  • Ensure the smooth functioning of process and project delivery 

Job roles available after kmp 2 certification

Certified KMP2 professionals who obtain internationally acclaimed credentials with Kanban will benefit from the following job roles- 

  • Service Request Manager 
  • Service Delivery Manager 

Kanban system design training will help you in adopting Kanban and improve the existing Kanban system of the organization. 


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